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Greg Sabino Mullane
Bundle::DBD::Pg - A bundle to install all DBD::Pg related modules
DBD::Pg - PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module
Changes for version 2.14.0
    • Make quoting of int, floats, and names much safer. (CPAN bug #41565) [GSM]
    • Make quoting of geometric types respect all valid chars (CPAN bug #41565) [GSM]
    • Fix quoting of booleans to respect more Perlish variants (CPAN bug #41565) [GSM]
    • Return ints and bools-cast-to-number from the db as true Perlish numbers. (CPAN bug #47619) [GSM]
    • Fix backslash quoting of arrays (CPAN bug #46732) [GSM]
    • Fix error when destringifying array starting with '[x:y]='. Per report from Jeff Trout [GSM]
    • Fix problem with foreign_key_info() and NAME_uc (CPAN bug #46109) [GSM]
    • Make foreign_key_info() respect FetchHashKeyName (CPAN bug #46103) [GSM]
    • Fix Makefile.PL to apply POSTGRES_INCLUDE in a saner way. (CPAN bug #45769) [GAURAV@cpan.org]
    • Improve Win32 README notes [Curtis Jewell]
    • Fix spelling error in type_info (CPAN bug #47786) [justin.d.hunter@gmail.com]
    • Add functions to support MS VC++ 7.0 (CPAN bug #47858) [Taro Nishino]

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