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Greg Sabino Mullane

Changes for version 2.18.0

  • Thanks to 123people.com for sponsoring work on this release [GSM]
  • Fix memory leak when binding arrays [GSM] (CPAN bug #65734)
  • Fix memory leak with ParamValues. [Martin J. Evans] (CPAN bug #60863)
  • New cancel() method per DBI spec. [Eric Simon] (CPAN bug #63516)
  • Fix memory leak in handle_old_async (missing PQclear) [Rainer Weikusat] (CPAN bug #63408)
  • Fix memory leak in pg_db_cancel (missing PQclear) [Rainer Weikusat] (CPAN bug #63441)
  • Mark pg_getcopydata strings as UTF8 as needed (CPAN bug #66006)
  • Function dequote_bytea returning void should not try to return something [Dagobert Michelsen] (CPAN bug #63497)
  • Fix the number of tests to skip in t/01connect.t when the $DBI_DSN environment variable lacks a database specification. [David E. Wheeler]
  • Fix algorithm for skipping tests in t/06bytea.t when running on a version of PostgreSQL lower than 9.0. [David E. Wheeler]
  • Small tweaks to get tests working when compiled against Postgres 7.4 (CPAN bug #61713) [GSM]
  • Fix failing test when run as non-superuser [GSM] (CPAN bug #61534)
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  • Bundle::DBD::Pg - A bundle to install all DBD::Pg related modules
  • DBD::Pg - PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module