Yoran Heling

Changes for version 1.0

  • !! Some backwards-imcompatible changes, marked * !!
  • kv_validate() improvements:
    • Fix maxcount option
    • Fix non-array argument to 'func'
    • Added some default templates: num, int, uint, ascii, email, weburl
    • * Removed 'min' and 'max' options, these now require the num template
    • Add 'inherit' option for template definitions
    • Allow templates to provide default values for 'required', 'default', 'rmwhitespace', 'multi', 'mincount' and 'maxcount'
    • Add tests
  • * reqPath() now includes the leading slash
  • * reqGet(), reqPost(), reqParam(), reqUploadMIME() and reqUploadRaw() now only work in scalar context.
  • * Add plural versions of the above methods (reqGets() etc) that only work in list context.
  • Add reqQuery()
  • Fix warning with Perl 5.22
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  • TUWF - The Ultimate Website Framework
  • TUWF::DB - Database handling and convenience functions for TUWF
  • TUWF::Misc - Miscellaneous utility functions and methods for TUWF
  • TUWF::Request - Request parsing and handling for TUWF
  • TUWF::Response - Response generation methods for TUWF
  • TUWF::XML - Easy XML and HTML generation with Perl