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Konstrukt - Web application/design framework


use Konstrukt;


This framework aims (beside others) for separation of presentation, logic and content.

The presentation is basically accomplished with a very powerful templating system, which allows fine grained modularization of the presentation components (templates can be nested as deep as you want) and has an easy to use interface, that any non-programmer will understand.

The logic is encapsulated in plugins, which can be integrated seamlessly into the websites using a simple tag-interface. You can develop your own plugins easily and also use the existing plugins for your own ones through the perl-interface of the existing plugins. The Konstrukt core will do all the nasty donkeywork for you, so you can concentrate on the logic of your application.

The content for each application-plugin is stored in a database using perl DBI. The data backends for each plugin are implemented as a separate plugin, which can be exchanged easily, so the applications can adapt to various data stores. Static content (layout, static web pages, ...) will be stored in modular templates.

Your web pages will only describe what they contain, not how they are generated. They will be as simple as:

        <!-- use a template for the page layout, set the page title to "blog"
             and use the blog plugin as the content -->
        <& template src="/templates/layout.template" title="blog" &>
                <$ content $>
                        <& blog / &>
                <$ / $>
        <& / &>

For more information about the Konstrukt Framework and its design goals take a look at Konstrukt::Doc::About.

An overview of the supplied documentation can be found in Konstrukt::Doc.


Many... Currently tracked for each module at its beginning:

        #FIXME: ...
        #TODO: ...
        #FEATURE: ...

You may get an overview of these by using the supplied script or looking in the TODO file.


Copyright 2006 Thomas Wittek (mail at gedankenkonstrukt dot de). All rights reserved.

This document is free software. It is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


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