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Paul Evans
Tangence - attribute-oriented server/client object remoting framework
Tangence::Client - mixin class for building a Tangence client
Tangence::Compiler::Parser - parse Tangence interface definition files
Tangence::Meta::Argument - structure representing one Tangence method or event argument
Tangence::Meta::Class - structure representing one Tangence class
Tangence::Meta::Event - structure representing one Tangence event
Tangence::Meta::Field - structure representing one Tangence structure field
Tangence::Meta::Method - structure representing one Tangence method
Tangence::Meta::Property - structure representing one Tangence property
Tangence::Meta::Struct - structure representing one Tangence structure type
Tangence::Meta::Type - structure representing one Tangence value type
Tangence::Object - base class for accessible objects in a Tangence server
Tangence::ObjectProxy - proxy for a Tangence object in a Tangence::Client
Tangence::Registry - object manager for a Tangence server
Tangence::Server - mixin class for building a Tangence server
Tangence::Stream - base class for Tangence stream-handling mixins
Tangence::Type - represent a Tangence value type
Tangence::Class in lib/Tangence/Class.pm
Tangence::Constants in lib/Tangence/Constants.pm
Tangence::Message in lib/Tangence/Message.pm
Tangence::Property in lib/Tangence/Property.pm
Tangence::Server::Context in lib/Tangence/Server/Context.pm
Tangence::Struct in lib/Tangence/Struct.pm
Tangence::Type::Primitive in lib/Tangence/Type/Primitive.pm
Tangence::Types in lib/Tangence/Types.pm
Changes for version 0.19
    • Quiet 'experimental' warnings about given/when
    • Created new Tangence::Type classes to represent the type system as firstclass objects
    • Have Tangence::Type provide a suitable default value for uninitialised properties
    • Move most of the value pack/unpack code out of Tangence::Message into the Type classes
    • Support floating-point numbers as a native format
    • Pack/unpack smashed objects using type-specific serialisation

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