=head1 NAME

Tangram::Sybase - Orthogonal Object Persistence in Sybase databases


   use Tangram;
   use Tangram::Sybase;

   $schema = Tangram::Sybase->schema( $hashref );

   Tangram::Sybase->deploy($schema, $dbh);
   $storage = Tangram::Sybase->connect( $schema,
      $data_source, $username, $password );


   Tangram::Sybase->retreat($schema, $dbh);


This is the entry point in the Sybase-specific object-relational
persistence backend.

Sybase only supports a single prepared statement per connection. This
backend disables the usage of prepared statements.

The vanilla Relational backend may not be used with Sybase databases.

=head1 METHODS

This backend does not add any methods; for a description of
available methods, see L<Tangram::Relational>.

=head1 WARNING

This backend has not been tested in quite some time.  Is the database
even called C<Sybase> any more?