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Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
Tatsumaki - Non-blocking web framework based on Plack and AnyEvent
Tatsumaki::MessageQueue - Message Queue system for Tatsumaki
Tatsumaki::Application in lib/Tatsumaki/Application.pm
Tatsumaki::Error in lib/Tatsumaki/Error.pm
Tatsumaki::Error::ClientDisconnect in lib/Tatsumaki/Error.pm
Tatsumaki::Error::HTTP in lib/Tatsumaki/Error.pm
Tatsumaki::Handler in lib/Tatsumaki/Handler.pm
Tatsumaki::HTTPClient in lib/Tatsumaki/HTTPClient.pm
Tatsumaki::Request in lib/Tatsumaki/Request.pm
Tatsumaki::Response in lib/Tatsumaki/Response.pm
Tatsumaki::Server in lib/Tatsumaki/Server.pm
Tatsumaki::Service in lib/Tatsumaki/Service.pm
Tatsumaki::Template in lib/Tatsumaki/Template.pm
Tatsumaki::Template::Micro in lib/Tatsumaki/Template/Micro.pm
Changes for version 0.1013
    • Added $self->binary(1) in Handler classes to indicate binary responses (gbarr, mateu)
    • Allow $self->json to be set to customize the way JSON is encoded (ask)

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