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Paul Seamons
Template::Alloy - TT2/3, HT, HTE, Tmpl, and Velocity Engine
bench_operator_storage.pl - Look at different ways of storing operators and how to call them
bench_optree.pl - Look at different ways of storing data that transform fast.
bench_template.pl - Test relative performance of Template::Alloy to Template::Toolkit
bench_various_templaters.pl - test the relative performance of several different types of template engines.
Template::Alloy::Compile - Compile role - allows for compiling the AST to perl code
Template::Alloy::Context - Provide a TT style context
Template::Alloy::Exception - Handle exceptions
Template::Alloy::HTE - HTML::Template and HTML::Template::Expr roles.
Template::Alloy::Iterator - Handle foreach iterations
Template::Alloy::Operator - Operator role.
Template::Alloy::Parse - Common parsing role for creating AST from templates
Template::Alloy::Play - Play role - allows for playing out the AST
Template::Alloy::Stream - Stream role - allows for playing out the AST and printing straight to file handle
Template::Alloy::TT - Template::Toolkit role
Template::Alloy::Tmpl - Text::Tmpl role
Template::Alloy::VMethod - VMethod role.
Template::Alloy::Velocity - Velocity (VTL) role
Template::Alloy in lib/Template/Alloy.pm
Template::Alloy::_ContextStash in lib/Template/Alloy/Context.pm
Template::Alloy::EvalPerlHandle in lib/Template/Alloy/Play.pm
Template::Alloy::Perl in lib/Template/Alloy/Play.pm
Changes for version 1.020
    • 2013-09-20
  • Fix COMPILE_PERL with GLOBAL_CACHE compilation bug that was modifying the tree.
  • Fix caching bugs when GLOBAL_CACHE and COMPILE_PERL or COMPILE_JS are used in conjunction with each other.

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