Rafael Kitover

Changes for version 0.4

  • JavaSQL.pm didn't really parse queries correctly so the <query> tag did not work for more complex queries, fixed.
  • Containers now fully parse themselves out of XML using SAX, no dependencies on an XML parser you have to write.
  • Added a README.
  • Added nopackage="true" to java: context to allow creating classes without a package.
  • Added support for SQL blob types.
  • Worked in support for java arrays. -- IN PROGRESS, only byte[] in DBClass.
  • Templates are now installed in the make install process into $(PREFIX)/share/tjava and compiled therein.
  • The "tjava" utility can now process files on standard input (i.e. cat Foo.xml | tjava) will work.
  • Misc. annoyances fixed.
  • tjava can now take files in a directory other than the current -- IN PROGRESS, very annoying bug
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  • tjava - Generate Java Classes from XML description files and templates.