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# Template::Manual
#   Front-page for the TT manual.
#   Andy Wardley  <abw@wardley.org>
#   Copyright (C) 1996-2007 Andy Wardley.  All Rights Reserved.
#   This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
#   modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

=head1 NAME

Template::Manual - Template Toolkit User Manual

=head1 Template Toolkit Manual

The Template Toolkit manual contains documentation on using and extending 
the Template Toolkit.

=head2 Template::Manual::Intro

The L<Template::Manual::Intro> page provides an introduction to the Template Toolkit

=head2 Template::Manual::Syntax

The L<Template::Manual::Syntax> describes the syntax and structure of 
templates and the directive tags embedded within them.

=head2 Template::Manual::Directives

The L<Template::Manual::Directives> page lists all the Template Toolkit
directives and gives examples of their use.

=head2 Template::Manual::Variables

The L<Template::Manual::Variables> page describes the use of variables
in templates.

=head2 Template::Manual::VMethods

The L<Template::Manual::VMethods> page provides a full list of virtual 
methods that can be used in conjunction with variables, and gives examples
of their use. 

=head2 Template::Manual::Config

The L<Template::Manual::Config> page describes all of the Template Toolkit
configuration options.

=head2 Template::Manual::Filters

The L<Template::Manual::Filters> page lists all of the Template Toolkit
filters and gives examples of their use.

=head2 Template::Manual::Plugins

The L<Template::Manual::Plugins> page lists all of the standard plugins
distributed with Template Toolkit and gives examples of their use.

=head2 Template::Manual::Internals

The L<Template::Manual::Internals> page describes the internal workings of the
Template Toolkit. It is aimed at developers who wish to extend or modify the

=head2 Template::Manual::Views

The L<Template::Manual::Views> page describes the experimental C<VIEW>

=head2 Template::Manual::Credits

The L<Template::Manual::Credits> page lists the people who have contributed to 
the Template Toolkit.


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