package Term::UI::History;

use strict;
use vars qw[$VERSION];
use base 'Exporter';
use base 'Log::Message::Simple';

$VERSION = '0.46';


=head1 NAME

Term::UI::History - history function


    use Term::UI::History qw[history];

    history("Some message");

    ### retrieve the history in printable form
    $hist  = Term::UI::History->history_as_string;

    ### redirect output
    local $Term::UI::History::HISTORY_FH = \*STDERR;


This module provides the C<history> function for C<Term::UI>,
printing and saving all the C<UI> interaction.

Refer to the C<Term::UI> manpage for details on usage from

This module subclasses C<Log::Message::Simple>. Refer to its
manpage for additional functionality available via this package.


=head2 history("message string" [,VERBOSE])

Records a message on the stack, and prints it to C<STDOUT>
(or actually C<$HISTORY_FH>, see the C<GLOBAL VARIABLES> section
below), if the C<VERBOSE> option is true.

The C<VERBOSE> option defaults to true.


    use Log::Message private => 0;

    use vars      qw[ @EXPORT $HISTORY_FH ];
    @EXPORT     = qw[ history ];
    my $log     = new Log::Message;

    for my $func ( @EXPORT ) {
        no strict 'refs';

        *$func = sub {  my $msg     = shift;
                                message => $msg,
                                tag     => uc $func,
                                level   => $func,
                                extra   => [@_]

    sub history_as_string {
        my $class = shift;

        return join $/, map { $_->message } __PACKAGE__->stack;

    package # hide this from PAUSE

    sub history {
        my $self    = shift;
        my $verbose = shift;
           $verbose = 1 unless defined $verbose;    # default to true

        ### so you don't want us to print the msg? ###
        return if defined $verbose && $verbose == 0;

        local $| = 1;
        my $old_fh = select $Term::UI::History::HISTORY_FH;

        print $self->message . "\n";
        select $old_fh;



=over 4


This is the filehandle all the messages sent to C<history()> are being
printed. This defaults to C<*STDOUT>.


=head1 See Also

C<Log::Message::Simple>, C<Term::UI>

=head1 AUTHOR

This module by
Jos Boumans E<lt>kane@cpan.orgE<gt>.


This module is
copyright (c) 2005 Jos Boumans E<lt>kane@cpan.orgE<gt>.
All rights reserved.

This library is free software;
you may redistribute and/or modify it under the same
terms as Perl itself.



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