Dispatch Test::BrewBuild builds to remote test servers.
Remote Windows/Unix testing platform server daemon for Test::BrewBuild
Automate module and reverse-dependency testing, on Windows and Unix
Basic overview of using the client/server aspects of the Test::BrewBuild build system
Optional configuration file for the Test::BrewBuild build system.


Perl/Berry brew unit testing automation, with remote tester dispatching capabilities.
Provides Windows/Unix *brew command translations for Test::BrewBuild
Dispatch Test::BrewBuild test runs to remote test servers.
Git repository manager for the Test::BrewBuild test platform system.
The default 'exec' command plugin.
Various regexes for the Test::BrewBuild platform
Daemonized testing service for dispatched test run execution, for Windows & Unix.


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