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Taiki Kawakami
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  • y_uuki
Test::JsonAPI::Autodoc - Test JSON API response and auto generate API documents
Test::JsonAPI::Autodoc::Markdown in lib/Test/JsonAPI/Autodoc/Markdown.pm
Test::JsonAPI::Autodoc::Path in lib/Test/JsonAPI/Autodoc/Path.pm
Test::JsonAPI::Autodoc::Request in lib/Test/JsonAPI/Autodoc/Request.pm
Test::JsonAPI::Autodoc::Response in lib/Test/JsonAPI/Autodoc/Response.pm
Changes for version 0.20
    • Change to return the response by test methods
    • Result of the test became pretty! (@y-uuki++)
    • Add some types into description of request parameters (@y-uuki++)
    • Change to describable request parameters (EXPERIMENTAL!)

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