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Test::Proto - OO test script golf sugar
Test::Proto::Alternation - represent an alternation in array validation
Test::Proto::ArrayRef - Prototype with methods for arrayrefs
Test::Proto::Base - Base Class for Test Prototypes
Test::Proto::CodeRef - Test a coderef's behaviour
Test::Proto::Common - Provides common functions for Test::Proto development
Test::Proto::Compare - wrapper for comparison functions
Test::Proto::Compare::Numeric - numeric comparison
Test::Proto::Formatter - handles output, formatting of RunnerEvents.
Test::Proto::Formatter::TestBuilder - formats RunnerEvents as TestBuilder events.
Test::Proto::HashRef - Prototype with methods for hashrefs
Test::Proto::Object - Test an object's behaviour
Test::Proto::Repeatable - represent a repeatable element or series in array validation
Test::Proto::Role::ArrayRef - Role containing test case methods for array refs.
Test::Proto::Role::HashRef - Role containing test case methods for hash refs.
Test::Proto::Role::Tagged - Role containing methods for tagging cases and prototypes
Test::Proto::Role::Value - Role containing test case methods for any perl value
Test::Proto::Series - represent a series in array validation
Test::Proto::TestCase - an individual test case
Test::Proto::TestRunner - Embodies a run through a test
Changes for version 0.027
    • Added ':all' import option: use Test::Proto ':all';
    • All .pm files now "use 5.008;" and not 5.006
    • Some docs fixes

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