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Shlomi Fish
Test::Run - a new and improved test harness for TAP scripts.
Test::Run::Assert - A Simple Assert Function.
Test::Run::Base - base class for all of Test::Run.
Test::Run::Base::PlugHelpers - base class for Test::Run's classes with pluggable helpers.
Test::Run::Base::Plugger - an object class with plug-ins.
Test::Run::Base::Struct - base class for Test::Run's "structs", that are simple classes that hold several values.
Test::Run::Class::Hierarchy - returns a list of super-classes in topological order.
Test::Run::Core - Base class to run standard TAP scripts.
Test::Run::Core_GplArt - GPL/Artistic-licensed code of Test::Run::Core.
Test::Run::Obj - Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics
Test::Run::Obj::CanonFailedObj - the failed tests canon object.
Test::Run::Obj::Error - an error class hierarchy for Test::Run.
Test::Run::Obj::FailedObj - an object representing a failure.
Test::Run::Obj::IntOrUnknown - an object representing a int or unknown.
Test::Run::Obj::IntOrUnknown::Moose - export has_IntOrUnknown .
Test::Run::Obj::TestObj - results of a single test script.
Test::Run::Obj::TotObj - totals encountered for the entire Test::Run session
Test::Run::Output - Base class for outputting messages to the user in a test harmess.
Test::Run::Plugin::CmdLine::Output - the default output plugin for Test::Run::CmdLine.
Test::Run::Sprintf::Named::FromAccessors - named sprintf according to the values of accessors.
Test::Run::Straps - analyse the test results by using TAP::Parser.
Test::Run::Straps::Base - base class for some Straps-related classes.
Test::Run::Straps::EventWrapper - a wrapper for a TAP::Parser::Result subclass which delegates to its methods and has its own methods.
Test::Run::Straps::StrapsDetailsObj - a struct representing the details of the straps class.
Test::Run::Straps::StrapsTotalsObj - an object representing the totals of the straps class.
Test::Run::Straps_GplArt - detailed analysis of test results
Test::Run::Trap::Obj - wrapper around Test::Trap for trapping errors.
Test::Run::Obj::Error::Straps in lib/Test/Run/Obj/Error.pm
Test::Run::Obj::Error::Straps::CannotRunPerl in lib/Test/Run/Obj/Error.pm
Test::Run::Obj::Error::TestsFail in lib/Test/Run/Obj/Error.pm
Test::Run::Obj::Error::TestsFail::Bailout in lib/Test/Run/Obj/Error.pm
Test::Run::Obj::Error::TestsFail::NoOutput in lib/Test/Run/Obj/Error.pm
Test::Run::Obj::Error::TestsFail::NoTestsRun in lib/Test/Run/Obj/Error.pm
Test::Run::Obj::Error::TestsFail::Other in lib/Test/Run/Obj/Error.pm
Changes for version 0.0302
  • Fix PATH_MAX and tests on some ActivePerls in t/output.t.
    • http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/cfafb504-7709-1014-9112-f72c93e8ee67
    • Thanks to From: Christian Walde for the CPAN Testers Report.

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