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Shlomi Fish
Test::Run::CmdLine::Plugin::ColorFileVerdicts - Color the individual test file verdicts in Test::Run::CmdLine.
Test::Run::Plugin::ColorFileVerdicts - make the file verdict ("ok", "NOT OK") colorful.
Test::Run::Plugin::ColorFileVerdicts::CanonFailedObj - a subclass of the ::CanonFailedObj that renders the failed line with colors.
Test::Run::Plugin::ColorFileVerdicts::ColorBase - common functionality that deals with the color fields for both the main object and the CanonFailedObj.
Changes for version 0.0123
  • Add LICENSE file.
  • Add t/cpan-changes.t and t/style-trailing-space.t - fix their
    • problems.
  • Build.PL configure_requires , dep MRO::Compat and min
    • dep on perl-5.008 (CPANTS).

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