George S. Baugh
and 2 contributors


  • testrail-bulk-mark-results - Bulk mark entire runs/plans (or groups of tests therein) as the provided status.
  • testrail-lock - Lock a test in a TestRail, and return the test name if successful.
  • testrail-report - Upload your TAP results to TestRail after they've finished
  • testrail-runs - List runs in a TestRail project matching the provided filters
  • testrail-tests - List tests in a TestRail run matching the provided filters


Changes for version 0.030

  • Fix testrail-tests, was calling function in incorrect namespace
  • Fix testrail-bulk-mark-results, was not including library
  • Re-instate integration tests for binaries that were removed in 0.029
  • Require more up-to-date Pod::Perldoc for help that works on old unices/perls
  • Fix windows issue with TestRail::Find