George S. Baugh
and 1 contributors


  • testrail-report - Upload your TAP results to TestRail after they've finished
  • testrail-runs - List runs in a TestRail project matching the provided filters
  • testrail-tests - List tests in a TestRail run matching the provided filters


Changes for version 0.026

  • Add --no-match option to testrail-tests to find orphan tests in a tree
  • Upload full raw results to TestRail when not in step_results or case_per_ok mode
  • Add ability to pass section IDs to discriminate when spawning runs in Test::Rail::Parser
  • Add ability to pass section names to App::Prove::Plugin::TestRail and testrail-report when spawning runs.
  • Add sectionNamesToIds convenience method to TestRail::API