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Paul Evans
Tickit - Terminal Interface Construction KIT
Tickit::ContainerWidget - abstract base class for widgets that contain other widgets
Tickit::Debug - debug logging support for Tickit
Tickit::OneLineWidget - a widget which occupies only one line
Tickit::Pen - store a collection of rendering attributes
Tickit::Rect - a lightweight data structure representing a rectangle
Tickit::RectSet - store a set of rectangular regions
Tickit::RenderBuffer - efficiently render text and line-drawing
Tickit::SingleChildWidget - abstract base class for widgets that contain a single other widget
Tickit::StringPos - store string position counters
Tickit::Style - declare customisable style information on widgets
Tickit::Term - terminal formatting abstraction
Tickit::Test - unit testing for Tickit-based code
Tickit::Utils - utility functions for Tickit
Tickit::Widget - abstract base class for on-screen widgets
Tickit::Widget::Box - apply spacing and positioning to a widget
Tickit::Widget::HBox - distribute child widgets in a horizontal row
Tickit::Widget::LinearBox - abstract base class for HBox and VBox
Tickit::Widget::Static - a widget displaying static text
Tickit::Widget::VBox - distribute child widgets in a vertical column
Tickit::WidgetRole::Alignable - implement widgets with adjustable alignment
Tickit::WidgetRole::Penable - implement widgets with setable pens
Tickit::Window - a window for drawing operations
Tickit::Pen::Immutable in lib/Tickit/Pen.pm
Tickit::Pen::Mutable in lib/Tickit/Pen.pm
Tickit::Style::Parser in lib/Tickit/Style/Parser.pm
Tickit::Test::MockTerm in lib/Tickit/Test/MockTerm.pm
Tickit::WidgetRole in lib/Tickit/WidgetRole.pm
Changes for version 0.46
    • Ensure that $rb->skip/skip_at obey masking regions
    • Move RenderBuffer and MockTerm entirely into libtickit C library
    • Added $rb->char
    • Add Tickit::Debug support to RenderBuffer

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