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Tickit::Widget::Border - draw a fixed-size border around a widget
Tickit::Widget::Button - a widget displaying a clickable button
Tickit::Widget::CheckButton - a widget allowing a toggle true/false option
Tickit::Widget::Entry - a widget for entering text
Tickit::Widget::Frame - draw a frame around another widget
Tickit::Widget::GridBox - lay out a set of child widgets in a grid
Tickit::Widget::HSplit - an adjustable horizontal split between two widgets
Tickit::Widget::Placegrid - a placeholder grid display
Tickit::Widget::RadioButton - a widget allowing a selection from multiple options
Tickit::Widget::Spinner - a widget displaying a small text animation
Tickit::Widget::VSplit - an adjustable vertical split between two widgets
Tickit::Widgets - load several Tickit::Widget classes at once
Tickit::Widget::LinearSplit in lib/Tickit/Widget/LinearSplit.pm
Changes for version 0.16
    • Correct display of Entry widget's posttext marker when deleting text before it
    • Update Tickit::Widget::Entry to avoid direct Window drawing operations; use ->expose calls to request re-rendering
    • Prepare for Tickit 0.45's removal of INSERTCH/DELETECH from is_termlog() logging

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