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Eric J. Roode

Changes for version 1.12

  • Fix CPAN RT bug 44167/54990: Negative milliseconds/microseconds. This was a boneheaded mistake I should have fixed years ago. Many thanks to Karl Moens for reporting the error, and for a patch.
  • Fix CPAN RT bug 47229: Build.PL dependencies. Unfortunately, I cannot fix Makefile.PL, since ExtUtils::MakeMaker has no concept of "recommended" or "optional" modules. Thanks to Jens Rehsack for the suggestion.
  • Fix CPAN RT bug 55630: ISO-8601 Z (Zulu, UTC) marker not supported. Thanks to Will Coleda for pointing this out.
  • Fix CPAN RT bug 76705/76707 (maybe): month out of range. I can't reproduce this bug, but I made a change to the time parsing that might fix it. Thanks to Todd Bezenek for reporting the problem.
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