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Changes for version 1.25

  • I've deleted the undocumented sub _dump_quote(), which butchered Unicode characters when it tried to convert ASCII control characters into printable strings (on the assumption all data is ASCII). Thanx to Dr. Petra Steiner (Germany) for discussion and some testing. I hope no-one was relying on this sub in output redirected to disk files, or otherwise saved for later comparisons. Methods which used to call _dump_quote() now just output the node's name by calling quote_name(), which is discussed next. Undefined names are output as the string 'undef'.
  • Add method quote_name(), which simply returns its input string surrounded by single-quotes.
  • Add method decode_lol(). This converts the output of tree_to_lol() and tree_to_simple_lol() into something which is easy to read. See scripts/read.tree.pl for sample usage.
  • Reorder a couple of methods called tree_*(), so that they are in alphabetical order.
  • Expand the docs for methods tree_to_*(), re undefined node names.
  • Add scripts/write.tree.pl, which creates the test input file t/tree.utf8.attributes.txt. Note: This latter file is now much more complex that in previous versions.
  • Add scripts/read.tree.pl, and it's output file scripts/read.tree.log. This program demonstrates the output produced by various methods.
  • Fix the faulty syntax I had used in Build.PL to identify the github repo.
  • Delete and re-create github repo after 'git push' failed to upload the new version.
  • Add LICENSE file to MANIFEST.