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Tomáš Kraut
Treex::Block::W2A::EN::FixTags - Fixes tags for TectoMT purposes.
Treex::Block::W2A::EN::FixTokenization - fix some issues in output of tokenizer
Treex::Block::W2A::EN::Lemmatize - wrapper for rule based lemmatizer for English
Treex::Block::W2A::EN::NormalizeForms - normalize some wordforms
Treex::EN - collection of blocks for processing English
Treex::Tool::EnglishMorpho::Analysis - rule based morphological analyzer for English
Treex::Tool::EnglishMorpho::Lemmatizer - rule based lemmatizer for English
Treex::Tool::Segment::EN::RuleBased - rule based sentence segmenter for English
Treex::Block::W2A::EN::FixTagsAfterParse in lib/Treex/Block/W2A/EN/FixTagsAfterParse.pm
Treex::Block::W2A::EN::SetIsMemberFromDeprel in lib/Treex/Block/W2A/EN/SetIsMemberFromDeprel.pm
Treex::Block::W2A::EN::Tokenize in lib/Treex/Block/W2A/EN/Tokenize.pm
Changes for version 0.08171
    • added Featurama tagger

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