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Type::Tiny::Manual - an overview of Type::Tiny
Type::Tiny::Manual::Coercions - adding coercions to type constraints
Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries - how to build a type library with Type::Tiny, Type::Library and Type::Utils
Type::Tiny::Manual::Params - coerce and validate arguments to functions and methods
Type::Tiny::Manual::Policies - Type::Tiny policies
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoo - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Moo
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoose - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Moose
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMouse - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Mouse
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithOther - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with other OO frameworks
Type::Tiny::_HalfOp - half-completed overloaded operation
Devel::TypeTiny::Perl56Compat - shims to allow Type::Tiny to run on Perl 5.6.x
Devel::TypeTiny::Perl58Compat - shims to allow Type::Tiny to run on Perl 5.8.x
Error::TypeTiny - exceptions for Type::Tiny and friends
Error::TypeTiny::Assertion - exception when a value fails a type constraint
Error::TypeTiny::Compilation - exception for Eval::TypeTiny
Error::TypeTiny::WrongNumberOfParameters - exception for Type::Params
Eval::TypeTiny - utility to evaluate a string of Perl code in a clean environment
Reply::Plugin::TypeTiny - improved type constraint exceptions in Reply
Test::TypeTiny - useful functions for testing the efficacy of type constraints
Type::Coercion - a set of coercions to a particular target type constraint
Type::Coercion::FromMoose - a set of coercions borrowed from Moose
Type::Coercion::Union - a set of coercions to a union type constraint
Type::Library - tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type libraries
Type::Params - Params::Validate-like parameter validation using Type::Tiny type constraints and coercions
Type::Parser - parse type constraint strings
Type::Registry - a glorified hashref for looking up type constraints
Type::Tiny - tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint
Type::Tiny::Class - type constraints based on the "isa" method
Type::Tiny::Duck - type constraints based on the "can" method
Type::Tiny::Enum - string enum type constraints
Type::Tiny::Intersection - intersection type constraints
Type::Tiny::Role - type constraints based on the "DOES" method
Type::Tiny::Union - union type constraints
Type::Utils - utility functions to make defining and using type constraints a little easier
Types::Common::Numeric - drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::Numeric
Types::Common::String - drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::String
Types::Standard - bundled set of built-in types for Type::Tiny
Types::Standard::ArrayRef - internals for the Types::Standard ArrayRef type constraint
Types::Standard::Dict - internals for the Types::Standard Dict type constraint
Types::Standard::HashRef - internals for the Types::Standard HashRef type constraint
Types::Standard::Map - internals for the Types::Standard Map type constraint
Types::Standard::ScalarRef - internals for the Types::Standard ScalarRef type constraint
Types::Standard::Tuple - internals for the Types::Standard Tuple type constraint
Types::TypeTiny - type constraints used internally by Type::Tiny
Changes for version 0.044
  • Documentation
    • Updated NEWS file.

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