Ilya Zakharevich

Changes for version 0.70

  • Initially: Mods-Space was not defined; all prefixes worked only via terminators. Had problems with UTF-16.
  • Converted via-VK entries of layout to the array form. The positions of these are in the '[VK_off]' hash; currently used for Apple output only. “Terminators” on Mac (shown after a prefix key is pressed) are controlled by Show[NNNN] directive on a face descriptor, and via AltGr_Invert_Show, ComposeKey_Show entries. Name of layout on Mac is controlled via LAYOUTNAME with OSX_ADD_VERSION (or OSX_LAYOUTNAME). Useless: Allow postfix "Apple" on ByPairs. (Such declarations give empty results now.) Duplication of keys on Mac is controlled by Apple_Duplicate (has a sane default: PC_Menu, F20 duplicate ISO keys, etc). Extra Apple bindings may be inserted by (temporarily???) Apple_Override (by Mods+VK or by Prefix+Char). Allow 4-Hex input on F19 and Blue-u (duplicate, or use with Shift-, or follow by one of SPACE - _ + = to enter 6-Hex). Currently generated unconditionally! Need: lookup whether the layout defines hex4/hex6 Apple prefixes. Allow mixing 5-Hex with 6-Hex (where unambiguous — not starting with U+10); currently disabled: won’t install with this. Document what happens when pasting to console window on Windows. Add references to diode-less keyboards (as in lCtrl-rCtrl problem on Windows). Base CapsLocking behaviour on Windows on uc AND on ucfirst. is it beneficial??? On Apple, switch off the hex5 generation, and terminators for “high surrogate” part of hex6 input. (Were leading to instabilities [at least without logout/login cycle]: jumbled or grayed out list of active keyboard layouts; applications running out of stack) On Apple, switch from Plan A generation of hex6 (works, but may be unstable, and huge .keylayout files) to Plan C with chunk=2¹ (untested; slightly smaller .keylayout files). Make Flip_AltGr always override other bindings on the same key (with a warning). Implement document_chars_on_key(). Use document_chars_on_key() to add provenance to things added via Mutate2Self etc. Warn on immediate deadkey loops. Fix them (silently) in AltGr-inverted base face (abusing DeadChar_32bitTranslation!). Restore warning on 0000 in the output of a deadkey. (Appears in Compose³.) Force rehashing backlinks after adding AltGr-invertor (needed on imported faces). New HTML class hide45end decreasing opacity of consonant ↘-columns (those of 4,5,0).
  • Did not print out [ ] on SPACE. Mismatched surrogates was a fatal error.
  • izKeys.kbdd: Enable extra keys and hex input on Apple. Add ¶❧ to Green &, Ripe &. Move RATIO ∶ from Blue-AltGr to Green, replace by ⦂ (does not work???) Add ℼℿℽ (with ℎ moved to q, and GAMMA ℽ on y).
  • mini-en.kbdd: Renamed from nano-en.kbdd
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