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Michael G Schwern

Changes for version 20140709

  • New Features
  • The "git" scheme is supported. (Schwern)
  • svn, ssh and svn+ssh schemes are supported. [rt.cpan.org 57490] (Schwern)
  • Added a --schemeless option to urifind. (Schwern)
  • Bug Fixes
  • http:// is no longer matched [rt.cpan.org 63283] (Schwern)
  • Backwards Incompatibilities
  • Previously, URIs stringified to their canonical version. Now they stringify as written. This results in less loss of information. For example. "Blah HTTP:://FOO.COM" previously would stringify as "http://foo.com/" and now it will stringify as "HTTP://FOO.COM". To restore the old behavior you can call $uri->canonical. (Schwern)
  • Distribution Changes
  • No longer using URI::URL. (Schwern)
  • Now requires URI 1.60 for Unicode support. (Schwern)
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  • urifind - find URIs in a document and dump them to STDOUT.