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Revision history for Perl extension File::ReadBackwards.

0.90  Mon Feb 28 21:37:29 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

0.91  fixed test suite

0.92  edited documentation

0.93  Tue Mar  7 23:31:40 EST 2000
      removed use of qr// so it works under MacPerl
      added README
      edited documentation

0.94  Wed Mar  8 00:12:28 EST 2000
      removed use of for modifier so it works under MacPerl

0.95  Fri Apr 26 13:48:40 EDT 2002
      readline returns undef on a sysseek error so it fails cleanly on pipes
		- from Carl Edwards <>

      added eof() method
		- from Antti S Lankila <>

      added flag to new() that marks the record separator as a regular
      expression. that used to be the default behavior and now the
      default is that is it a plain string like $/.
		- from Robin Houston <>

      added close() method
		- from

      updated pod to reflect the changes

0.96  Sun May 26 00:28:49 EDT 2002

      fixed bug in close method and added test for close
		- from Robin Houston <>

0.97  Sun May 26 00:28:49 EDT 2002

      D'oh! call CORE::close inside close(). robin had it correct
      in his patch and i didn't use that.

0.98  Wed Aug 21 22:51:41 EDT 2002

      fixed bug with a partial buffer of '0'.
		- from Joe Schaefer <>

0.99  Tue Dec  3 00:50:23 EST 2002

      fixed bug where readline returns data after a close
		- from Khamdy <>

1.00  Mon Aug 18 02:04:24 EDT 2003

      fixed doc bug for the tied interface. the module name needs quotes
		- from  Madeleine Price <>

      added support for the tell method (including tests)
		- Slaven Rezic <>

1.01 Tue Oct  7 01:31:40 EDT 2003 (not released to cpan)

      fixed bug in test script in close_test. the write_file fails on
      winblows since the file is still open from the main loop. now the
      file is closed explicitly and tests added to cover that.
		- Peter J. Acklam <>

1.02 Fri Nov 21 01:53:42 EST 2003

      fixed test problems with cr/lf files.
      modified module to better handle them and when the rec_sep is set
      all tests now work on unix and windows