Revision history for Perl extension Getopt-EX-Hashed

0.9905 2021-07-31T12:10:33Z

    - Introduce RESET_AFTER_NEW config parameter with zero default.

0.9904 2021-07-30T16:48:14Z

    - introduce 'action' parameter.

0.9903 2021-07-29T09:37:48Z

    - avoid inheritance loop when called directly.

0.9902 2021-07-28T10:18:12Z

    - fix the problem of previous patch does not work for v5.14.

0.9901 2021-07-27T08:20:10Z

    - fix bug of mixed alias with option spec.

0.99 2021-07-25T15:57:41Z

    - initial release