Revision history for Perl extension Getopt-EX-Hashed

0.9921 2021-10-13T00:27:03Z

0.9921 2021-10-13T00:26:37Z

    - Allow must parameter to take multiple codes.
    - Do not require
    - Fix bug of handling coderef in any param.

0.9920 2021-09-27T07:02:57Z

    - Introduce "any" validator.
    - Copy default data not to destroy DB.

0.9919 2021-09-17T06:52:33Z

    - Define accessor method only once.

0.9918 2021-09-12T03:01:33Z

    - Unlock keys of config hash just in case.
    - Support odd-number parameter for short-cut for option spec.

0.9917 2021-08-24T13:56:53Z

    - Update the configuration semantics.

0.9916 2021-08-24T03:12:10Z

    - Change reset behavior.
    - Pointer to the configuration is now stored in a object.

0.9915 2021-08-22T14:50:29Z

    - Implementation and document refine.

0.9914 2021-08-19T16:44:49Z

    - Intoduce "min", "max", "re" validation parameters.

0.9913 2021-08-18T08:49:22Z

    - Add REMOVE_UNDERSCORE config parameter.
    - Introduce new "must" parameter.

0.9912 2021-08-13T00:45:25Z

    - Fix default config access bug.

0.9911 2021-08-11T15:34:09Z

    - Fix bug when called by Getopt::EX::Hashed->new interface.

0.9910 2021-08-11T13:14:30Z

    - Make config data to be stored in caller space too.

0.9909 2021-08-09T23:59:42Z

    - Store member metadata in caller space so that the module can
      be used in multiple places.

0.9908 2021-08-09T02:51:02Z

    - Now 'is' parameter is required to generate accessor method.

0.9907 2021-08-08T08:00:30Z

    - Implement accessor method generation
      with ACCESSOR and ACCESSOR_PREFIX config parameter.

0.9906 2021-08-01T12:32:40Z

    - Update the way to use Getopt::Long interface and now
      default and action can co-exist.

0.9905 2021-07-31T12:10:33Z

    - Introduce RESET_AFTER_NEW config parameter with zero default.

0.9904 2021-07-30T16:48:14Z

    - introduce 'action' parameter.

0.9903 2021-07-29T09:37:48Z

    - avoid inheritance loop when called directly.

0.9902 2021-07-28T10:18:12Z

    - fix the problem of previous patch does not work for v5.14.

0.9901 2021-07-27T08:20:10Z

    - fix bug of mixed alias with option spec.

0.99 2021-07-25T15:57:41Z

    - initial release