2021-09-14 v0.1.0
- Make `redis` attribute required on instantiation.
- No longer create a default Redis client, bring your own fancy one.
- Fix issues with smoke tests, using an older `Test::MockObject`.

2021-08-31 v0.0.4
- Fix Dependencies minimal version as mentioned in the `cpanfile`
- Fix code improvements, and pull `operation_name` outside `do { ... }` block
- Save the `do { ... }` block into the symbol-table, so we skip all preparations

2021-08-30 v0.0.3
- Code improvements using OpenTracing built-in features
- Fix Documentation and typo's

2021-08-30 v0.0.2
- Add common tags to the traces
- Fix problems during installation and testing

2021-08-26 v0.0.1
Initial first simple implementation, which does not enrich the spans with more
useful information. It only generates a span with the name of the Redis command
capitilized for a operation-name.