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Changes for version 1.000000

  • code churn: 23 files changed, 1590 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)
  • Peter Vereshagin <peter@vereshagin.org>
    • CPAN preparations Ticket: 59 (8af01bf2-7400-41fc-8d01-5d535f1b7d13) Rename to 'Debug-Fork-Tmux' 'Debug-Fork-Tmux' is a more appropriate name for the module. This includes but not limited to: - Namespace change from Spunge::DB to Debug::Fork::Tmux; - Repositories rename from Spunge-DB to Debug-Fork-Tmux. Ticket: 61 (4d0f20cf-f671-41ac-b8aa-1f6b42e8c1b4) Skip tests when no 'tmux' binary found Tests should be skipped if any of this: - No 'tmux' binary is found for execution; - 'tmux' binary returns the version < 1.6; - test is trying to run not under Tmux. 'TMUX' environment varuiable seems to show if we're under Tmux.
    • Naming improvements and a config tweakery feature Ticket 52 (612a1586-80e9-4c87-a471-41da4af27900) start private subs with '_' This includes every sub in: - Spunge::DB namespace - Spunge::DB::Config namespace besides get_config() Private subs are those intended to be called from inside of the package only. Start each them with an underscore. This includes subroutines' names: - in the POD - in the tests - in the code Ticket 54 (727e4754-fa31-4e2a-bb0a-187fbbfbf8d2) configuration with environment variables Make it possible for the user to change by mean of environment the values of the configuration parameters, mostly adding the 'SPUNGE_' as a prefix to name them. Make the package Spunge::DB::Config: - all the settings should be retrieved into the Spunge::DB with get_spunge_conf( 'variable_name' ) command - POD on the settings should stay in the Spunge::DB. Spunge::DB::Config should link to the 'CONFIGURATION AND ENVIRONMENT' section though - names of the settings should be lowercase - all of the settings should be kept in the package lexical %_CONF Ticket 56 (7ba4dc92-fbb3-4140-b059-6e2cba45d010) Make a constant or environment variable for a command in the tmux new window Currently Tmux makes a new window with a system command sleep 1000000 Make the command to be the constant assigned at the compilation from the environment variable. - config key is 'tmux_cmd_neww_exec' - environment variable is SPUNGE_TMUX_CMD_NEWW_EXEC
    • POD and tests improvements Ticket 30 (82676ebc-d911-43d7-96d9-8c9cbc906508) set up web links: - GitHub page of the Spunge-DB project; - GitWeb page of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org; - Bugzilla page of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org, and in a BUGS AND LIMITATIONS section, too. Ticket 37 (120bc9ce-ad91-469f-8060-96aef1d0420e) Tmux and Perl dependencies in POD. Add to the DEPENDENCIES section of the POD: - Tmux, the terminal multiplexer; - Perl, the programmin language. supplied with web links to each of them. Ticket 39 (eb90c260-f020-48f7-a230-5262a04d57f0) don't check xt/ for strict and warnings t/10-use.t should not check xt/ for: - use strict - use warnings It should only check xt/ for syntax. Ticket 41 (08917361-a765-4390-91a8-c7dacca551b2) dependencies satisfied in POD by perl minimum requirement The POD's 'DEPENDENCIES' section contains the modules already found in the minimum Perl version: - Config - Cwd - DB - ExtUtils::MakeMaker - File::Find - File::Spec Such a dependencies should be listed in one line. Ticket 43 (ae7f0794-ef68-43d8-beeb-42940c997fd1) Wrap text (flatten) on READMEs Make POD and READMEs lines of text no longer than 76 characters
    • version bump to 0.0.10
    • No Changes needed in the master branch
    • Bump up to v0.0.9
    • version bump to v0.0.9
    • More correct template syntax for Changes
    • Manifest about Changes
    • version bump to v0.0.8
    • Changes are added to the master branch
    • PEADME.pod version bump
    • More files on the block
    • Removed timestamp from README.html
    • Removed timestamp from README.html
    • README.html removed due to having a timestamp
    • added READMEs
    • Files of a build in the master branch
    • README.pod version bump
    • added README.pod
    • Ticket 30 (82676ebc-d911-43d7-96d9-8c9cbc906508) set up web links: - GitHub repository of the Spunge-DB project; - GitWeb page of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org; - Bugzilla page of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org, and in a BUGS AND LIMITATIONS section, too.
    • POD fixes Ticket 11 (fb4da310-a328-4fa3-b8b7-0185e95919a7) Smaller POD fixes: - build POD SYNOPSIS section. Disable DZP:PodVersion in favor of PodWeaver; - ' $DB::fork_TTY to the same <Str> ' should be enclosed in C<>; - AUTHOR section should include http://vereshagin.org; - Function names in the POD headers should be supplied the braces(); - Build CONFIGURATION AND ENVIRONMENT section in the POD; - Some of the =sub headers lack '>' in favor of E<gt>. Ticket 14 (0ec84f72-560e-4850-a31f-34b90518b338) DEPENDENCIES section: - Make a DEPENDENCIES section in the POD in a PBP way. Ticket 17 (127641d7-69f1-4c5c-b937-3866c7ecd76b) write croak messages to DIAGNOSTICS POD DIAGNOSTICS POD should be filled with croak_on_cmd() messages. Ticket 19 (85782e29-4094-4cb4-9cf4-c9be38b5fa8a) Point POD links from perl built-ins to the corresponding perlfunc sections. Make them work in the resulting HTML: - L<system>; - L<fork>. all of them are perl built-in subroutines.
    • WORKSFORME Working code is created: - the module Spunge::DB with subs, docs, etc. - tests include: - 10-use.t tries to use the module. No bad if it only require()s the module instead of use() as module does not @EXPORT anything; - 20-cmd.t tries the basic commands and the module's built-in exception catching; - 30-tmux.t tries to call functions executing the Tmux.
    • Added 'use' and 'strict' test
    • Added synopsis to POD.
    • Test build
    • initial commit
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