use 5.6.0;
use usermod;
use Getopt::Std;
use File::Basename;

$usermod::file_passwd = "passwd";
$usermod::file_shadow = "shadow";

$proname = basename($0);
if(!opt_a or !$opt_d){
	die &usage unless $opt_u && $opt_p || $opt_L || $opt_U || $opt_c || $opt_h || $opt_s || $opt_n || $opt_a || $opt_d
usermod->add($opt_a) and exit if $opt_a;
usermod->del($opt_d) and exit if $opt_d;
$user = usermod->new($opt_u);
die "No such user\n" unless  defined $user->get(uid);
$user->set(password, $opt_p) if $opt_p;
$user->set(comment, $opt_c) if $opt_c;
$user->set(home, $opt_h) if $opt_h;
$user->set(shell, $opt_s) if $opt_s;
$user->set(name, $opt_n) if $opt_n;
$user->lock if $opt_L;
$user->unlock if $opt_U;
sub usage{ 
	print <<SQ;
	-n name
	-a add
	-d delete
	-h home
	-s shell
	-c comment
	-p new_password
	-U unlock
	-L lock
	-u username
	exit 0