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Changes for version 0.04

  • Thanks to Eric Smid for reporting, tracking down the cause of, proposing a fix for and testing the pesky newline issue in RT 122919.
  • Fix RT 122919: _normalize() always running. Moves to waitfor()
  • _normalize() changed to address Net::Telnet::Cisco RT 118170. Also changed in Net::Telnet::Cisco 1.11.
  • Change -binmode to emulate Net::Telnet: Replace \015\012 with \012 in waitfor() via _interpret_cr(). NOTE: Dump and input logs were already and still are the same between us and Net::Telnet::Cisco.
  • Added _interpret_cr() from Net::Telnet to address above.
  • Fix undiscovered bug in enable() removing $error.
  • Change put() to print() in enable() to better align with Net::Telnet::Cisco.
  • Check for '' instead of not defined for $en_level to catch enable() success or failure (also changed in Net::Telnet::Cisco 1.11).
  • Added more_prompt named arg to new() (bug, was missing).


interact with a Cisco router via SSH