Author image Vipul Ved Prakash

Changes for version 1.50

  • In ::Key::generate() calls to ::Key::Private::write() and ::Key::Public::write() have been fixed. Thanks to Lars Rehe <> for pointing out this bug.
  • Removed all /home/vipul/PERL/crypt* from @INC from all modules.
  • Fixed version numbers on a few modules, so CPAN correctly reports the newer modules.
  • Fixed some documentation typos.


RSA public-key cryptosystem.
Data creation, conversion and reporting primitives.
Debug routine for Crypt::RSA.
Plaintext-aware encryption with RSA.
PKCS #1 v1.5 padded encryption scheme based on RSA.
Error handling mechanism for Crypt::RSA.
RSA Key Pair Generator.
RSA Private Key Management.
RSA Public Key Management.
RSA encryption, decryption, signature and verification primitives.
PKCS #1 v1.5 signatures.
Probabilistic Signature Scheme based on RSA.


in lib/Crypt/RSA/Key/Private/
in lib/Crypt/RSA/Key/Private/
in lib/Crypt/RSA/Key/Public/