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VM::EC2 - Control the Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus Clouds
VM::EC2::ASG - Object describing an AutoScaling Group
VM::EC2::AccountAttributes - Object describing an Amazon EC2 account attributes set
VM::EC2::AvailabilityZone - Object describing an Amazon availability zone
VM::EC2::BlockDevice - Object describing how to construct an EC2 block device when launching an image
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Attachment - Object describing the attachment of an EBS volume to an instance
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::EBS - Object describing how to initialize an Amazon EBS volume from an image
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping - Object describing an EC2 block device attached to an instance
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping::EBS - Object describing an EBS volume that has been mapped onto an Amazon EC2 instance
VM::EC2::Dispatch - Create Perl objects from AWS XML requests
VM::EC2::ELB - Object describing an Elastic Load Balancer
VM::EC2::ELB::BackendServerDescription - Load Balancer Backend Server Description
VM::EC2::ELB::HealthCheck - Load Balancer Health Check Parameters
VM::EC2::ELB::InstanceState - Object describing the state of an instance attached to a load balancer. It is the result of a DescribeInstanceHealth API call.
VM::EC2::ELB::Listener - Elastic Load Balancer Listener
VM::EC2::ELB::ListenerDescription - Load Balancer Listener Description
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies - Elastic Load Balancer Policies
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::AppCookieStickinessPolicy - Object describing an Application Cookie Stickiness Policy
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::LBCookieStickinessPolicy - Object describing a Load Balancer Cookie Stickiness Policy
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttribute - Elastic Load Balancer Policy Attribute
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttributeType - Load Balancer Policy Attribute Type
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyDescription - Load Balancer Policy
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyTypeDescription - Elastic Load Balancer Policy Type
VM::EC2::ElasticAddress - Object describing an Amazon EC2 Elastic Address
VM::EC2::Error - Object describing an error emitted by the Amazon API
VM::EC2::Generic - Base class for VM::EC2 objects
VM::EC2::Group - Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group name
VM::EC2::Image - Object describing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
VM::EC2::Image::LaunchPermission - Object describing AMI launch permissions
VM::EC2::Instance - Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance
VM::EC2::Instance::ConsoleOutput - Object describing console output from an Amazon EC2 instance
VM::EC2::Instance::IamProfile - Object describing an Amazon EC2 Identity Access Management profile
VM::EC2::Instance::Metadata - Object describing the metadata of a running instance
VM::EC2::Instance::MonitoringState - Object describing the monitoring state of an EC2 instance
VM::EC2::Instance::PasswordData - Object describing the administrative password stored in an EC2 Windows instance
VM::EC2::Instance::Placement - Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance's placement
VM::EC2::Instance::Set - Object describing a set of instances
VM::EC2::Instance::State - Object describing the state of an EC2 instance
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Change - Represent an EC2 instance's change in state.
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Reason - Object describing the reason for an EC2 instance state change
VM::EC2::Instance::Status - Object describing an instance/system status check
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Details - Object describing the details of an instance status check
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Event - Object describing a scheduled instance maintenance event
VM::EC2::Instance::StatusItem - Object describing a instance status event
VM::EC2::KeyPair - Object describing an Amazon EC2 ssh key pair
VM::EC2::LaunchConfiguration - Object describing a Launch Configuration
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface - Object describing an Amazon Elastic Network Interface (ENI)
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface::Association - Object representing an association of a network interface with an elastic public IP address
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface::Attachment - Object representing attachment of a network interface to an instance
VM::EC2::ParmParser - Format parameters for passing to the API
VM::EC2::PlacementGroup - Object describing an Amazon EC2 cluster placement group
VM::EC2::ProductCode - Object describing an Amazon EC2 product code
VM::EC2::REST::ebs - Modules for EC2 EBS volumes
VM::EC2::REST::instance - VM::EC2 methods for controlling instances
VM::EC2::Region - Object describing an Amazon region
VM::EC2::ReservationSet - Object describing an instance reservation set
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance - Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Offering - Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance offering
VM::EC2::Security::Credentials - Temporary security credentials for EC2
VM::EC2::Security::FederatedUser - Federated user object
VM::EC2::Security::Policy - Simple IAM policy generator for EC2
VM::EC2::Security::Token - Temporary security token object
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup - Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::GroupPermission - Object describing an authorized group within a security group firewall rule
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::IpPermission - Object describing a firewall rule in an EC2 security group.
VM::EC2::Snapshot - Object describing an Amazon EBS snapshot
VM::EC2::Snapshot::CreateVolumePermission - Object describing AMI create volume permissions
VM::EC2::Spot::DatafeedSubscription - Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance datafeed subscription
VM::EC2::Spot::InstanceRequest - Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance request
VM::EC2::Spot::LaunchSpecification - Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance launch specification
VM::EC2::Spot::PriceHistory - Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance price history record
VM::EC2::Spot::Status - Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance status message
VM::EC2::Staging::Manager - Automate VMs and volumes for moving data in and out of cloud.
VM::EC2::Staging::Server - High level interface to EC2-based servers
VM::EC2::Staging::Volume - High level functions for provisioning and populating EC2 volumes
VM::EC2::Tag - Object describing a tagged Amazon EC2 resource
VM::EC2::VPC::CustomerGateway - Object describing an Amazon EC2 Virtual Private Cloud customer gateway
VM::EC2::VPC::DhcpOptions - DHCP options set for an AWS Virtual Private Cloud
VM::EC2::VPC::InternetGateway - A VPC internet gateway
VM::EC2::VPC::InternetGateway::Attachment - Attachment of an internet gateway to a VPC
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl - Virtual Private Cloud network ACL
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Association - The association between a network acl and a subnet
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Entry - VPC Network ACL entry
VM::EC2::VPC::Route - An entry in a VPC routing table
VM::EC2::VPC::RouteTable - A VPC route table
VM::EC2::VPC::RouteTable::Association - The association between a route table and a subnet
VM::EC2::VPC::Subnet - A VPC subnet
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnConnection - VPC VPN connection
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnGateway - Virtual Private Cloud VPN gateway
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnGateway::Attachment - Attachment of a vpn gateway to a VPC
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnTunnelTelemetry - Virtual Private Cloud VPN tunnel telemetry
VM::EC2::Volume - Object describing an Amazon EBS volume
VM::EC2::Volume::Status - Object describing an volume/system status check
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Action - Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Details - Object describing the details of an volume status check
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Event - Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event
VM::EC2::Volume::StatusItem - Object describing a volume status event
RetryTimer in lib/VM/EC2.pm
VM::EC2::CondVar in lib/VM/EC2.pm
Changes for version 1.25
    • Change behavior of create_network_acl_entry() so that -egress option defaults to false as originally documented.
    • Change way that async_post() works to (hopefully) handle RequestLimitExceeded errors in a way that works.
    • Fix incompatibility with Amazon Gov cloud.
    • Fix incompatibilities with Open Stack.
    • Compliant to 2013-07-15 API.
    • Implement exponential backoff for RequestLimitExceeded. Will throttle back requests and keep retrying when Amazon reports too many requests.

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