Changes for version 1.14 - 2023-05-26

  • pica_add creates missing record (#77)


Package that exports PICA data
a binder that tracks changes in PICA records
a binder that loops over PICA fields
Conditionals on PICA fields
add new subfields to record
reduce PICA record to selected fields
copy pica values of one field to a new field
change occurrence of PICA+ field
remove PICA (sub)fields
sets a new value to an existing subfield
change tag of PICA+ field
Package that imports PICA+ data
Parse SRU response with PICA+ data into Catmandu PICA
Parse SRU response with PICA+ XML data (PPXML, a format variant of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) into Catmandu PICA
Catmandu modules for working with PICA+ data
Validate PICA+ records with an Avram Schema