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parse and validate PICA+ data


PICA record processing
abstract base class of PICA parsers
Binary PICA+ format parser
PICA JSON parser
PicaPlus-XML Parser (format variant of the Deutsche Nationalbiliothek)
Plain PICA format parser
Normalized PICA+ format parser
PICA+ XML parser
PICA path expression to match field and subfield values
Validate PICA based formats with Avram Schemas
Create Avram Schema from examples
Information about a PICA Schema validation
Base class of PICA+ writers
Binary PICA+ format serializer
Serialize PICA data with self defined data separators
PICA JSON serializer
PicaPlus-XML format serializer
Plain PICA+ format serializer
Normalized PICA+ format serializer
PICA+ XML format serializer