Revision history for Perl extension Event::Lib.

1.03 So Jul 29 07:14:45 EDT 2007
    - also look for libevent in /opt/local which is where macports
      installs libraries
      (spotted by <cripto AT ecn DOT org>)

1.02 Mo Mai 21 06:36:03 EDT 2007
    - fixed exception handling such that exception objects will not be
      stringified anymore 
      (patch by Torsten Foertsch <torsten DOT foertsch AT gmx DOT net>)

1.01 Sat Nov 18 09:44:30 EST 2006
    - parens are needed for calls to croak to make it work on bleedperl
      (spotted by Andreas Koenig <andk AT cpan DOT org>)

1.0 Fri Mar 17 10:20:49 CET 2006

    - event_dispatch() is gone forever: Its job is now done by three separate
      functions event_mainloop, event_one_loop, event_one_nbloop. Chose the one
      most appropriate. Those are no longer instance methods either. See the section
      "ENTERING THE EVENT-LOOP" in the documentation for details.
    - new interface for exception handlers. See the section "EXCEPTION HANDLING"
      in the documentation.
    - event_free/free are gone and event_del/del have become remove().
      See the section "EVENT LIFECYCLE" in the documentation to learn how event-cleanup
      is now done.
    - it's no longer OK to enter the event loop (previously with
      event_dispatch) more than once. A warning will be raised in such a case
      and it will be turned into a no-op.
    - event_log_level() allows to specify which libevent log-messages to
    - event_init no longer needs to be called in child processes
    - there's an extensive debugging-interface, enabled via
        $ perl Makefile.PL DEFINE=-DEVENT_LIB_DEBUG
      in case you run into problems with your application. 
    - access to the additional event arguments via the args() and args_del()
      instance-methods. This will allow you to change the arguments on the fly
      without having to create a fresh event.
    - the documentation is a lot more comprehensive now hopefully less
    - a new and extensive test-suite.
    There is probably more which I forgot. All of the above has been done with
    the help and imperturbable patience of the hackers at
    (Stas Bekman, Ken Simpson, Mike Smith). Event::Lib 1.0 owes them big time!
0.10  Thu Nov 10 07:49:00 CET 2005
    - event_free() was advertised in the docs although
      it didn't exist; now it does.
      (spotted by Carlos Guzman <cguzman AT andestel DOT com>
    - the prototype for event_new() prevented it to take
      code-refs stored in a variable; the prototype is now gone
      (patch by Stas Bekman <stas AT stason DOT org>
    - a misspelling and some bad advice in the PODs of the
      module rectified
      (again thanks to Stas Bekman)
    - only load on demand

0.09  Tue Sep 27 08:01:52 CEST 2005
    - fixed another memory leak showing up in the fh() method
      (spotted by Thomas Yandell <tom AT vipercode DOT com>)
    - make sure that Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage are
      installed in the required minimum versions
      (thanks to Ricardo Signes <rjbs AT cpan DOT org>)

0.08  Wed Jul  6 10:10:18 CEST 2005
    - additional arguments passed to the event-callbacks
      weren't freed due to a spurious reference count 
      (spotted by Thomas Yandell <tom AT vipercode DOT com>)

0.07  Sun Jun  5 11:05:57 CEST 2005
    - tweaked Makefile.PL so that the capabilities of the installed
      libevent are checked first: features that would require
      a more recent version can thus be disabled at compile-time
    - crudely included a test for priority_init()

0.06  Fri May 27 09:33:22 CEST 2005
    - some of the prototypes were apparently wrong:
      the code given in the SYNOPSIS of the PODs can now be run again
      (spotted by Simon Dassow <janus AT area319 DOT de>)
    - the debug noise on stderr introduced with libevent-1.0c 
      has been quietened. Only messages with _EVENT_LOG_ERR are
      now displayed.

0.05  Mon Apr  4 09:51:42 CEST 2005
    - Event::Lib now in par with libevent-1.0c 
      (might still compile on 1.0, though)
    - support for event priorities added
    - POD- and POD-coverage-tests

0.04  Tue Aug 31 17:48:55 CEST 2004
    - a hairy bug when spawning children:
      no events could be scheduled in child processes
      when kqueue(2) was used. This is now fixed by providing
      the event_init() function to be called in child procs.
    - Makefile.PL fixes for Darwin/FreeBSD
      (both spotted and patched by Rocco Caputo <rcaputo AT pobox DOT com>)
0.03  Fri Aug 27 16:13:11 CEST 2004
    - Makefile.PL should honor @ARGV
    - some Win32 fixes for Lib.xs
      (both patches via; there was no name attached to them)

0.02  Fri Aug 27 08:22:38 CEST 2004
    - the event callbacks were called without the event-type
      argument. Now they receive this additional arg.

0.01  Sat Aug 14 07:30:14 2004
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
	    -O -b 5.6.0 -n Event::Lib /usr/local/include/event.h