Vincent Pit

Changes for version 0.11

  • Add : configure_requires dependencies are now listed in the DEPEND section of the ebuild (in addition to RDEPEND dependencies).
  • Add : The gengentooisms script has been vastly improved. It is now mostly autonomous.
  • Chg : The module won't initialize if "emerge --info" doesn't return a zero status or if IPC::Cmd can't capture buffers.
  • Chg : The default ebuild description has been made more informative.
  • Doc : The dist options were all clearly documented.
  • Fix : The complete specification for Gentoo ebuild names and version numbers (as documented in has been implemented. In particular, this fixes dependencies on Text-Tabs+Wrap.
  • Fix : Gentooisms were extended to also cover discrepancies between Gentoo and CPAN version numbers. In particular, this fixes dependencies on ExtUtils-CBuilder, ExtUtils-ParseXS, Module-Build and Time-HiRes (and many more).
  • Fix : Versioned atom dependencies now correctly mirror the versions specified in the CPAN prerequisites. They used to forcefully require the latest available distribution.
  • Fix : The module no longer croaks when handling dists without a META file. This fixes RT #63819.
  • Fix : Cycles in the dependency graph are now solved by specifying recursive dependencies in the PDEPEND ebuild section. This allows the module to finally generate emergeable ebuilds for CPANPLUS and CPANPLUS-Dist-Build, thus making CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo actually bootstrappable.
  • Fix : Warnings for distributions with unknown licenses.
  • Rem : %CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo::Maps::gentooisms is no longer directly available. Use CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo::Maps::name_c2g() instead.
  • Tst : Improved coverage.
  • Upd : Update gentooisms.
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