Vincent Pit

Changes for version 0.02

  • Add : You can fall back to use Test::More by setting the PERL_TEST_LEANER_USES_TEST_MORE environment variable.
  • Doc : Document the restrictions on the regexp argument of like() and unlike(). Thanks S├ębastien Aperghis-Tramoni for spotting this.
  • Doc : Document that is_deeply() doesn't check for memory cycles.
  • Fix : The plan will now correctly be printed at the end when 'no_plan' was specified and some tests were failing.
  • Fix : Only print an ending plan once when the process is forked.
  • Opt : is_deeply() was optimized for large datastructures.
  • Rem : Scalar::Util is no longer an hard dependency. It will be used if it is present, but a fallback implementation is bundled.
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  • Test::Leaner - A slimmer Test::More for when you favor performance over completeness.