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Changes for version 0.44

  • Fix : Broken linkage on Windows with gcc 3.4, which appears in particular when using ActivePerl's default compiler suite. For those setups, the Variable::Magic shared library will now be linked against the perl dll directly (instead of the import library). This (should) fix RT #51483. Thanks Christian Walde for helping to reproduce this failure and extra testing.
  • Rem : Support for development perls from the 5.11 branch but older than the 5.11.0 release was removed. This could cause more recent setups to fail.
  • Tst : Threads tests are now only run on perl 5.13.4 and higher. They could segfault randomly because of what seems to be an internal bug of Perl, which has been addressed in 5.13.4. There is also an environment variable that allows you to forcefully run those tests, but it should be set only for author testing and not for end users.
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