Revision history for Net-LDAP-AutoDNs

0.2.2	2010-06-26/03:40
		-Add "Sys::Hostname" as a required module.

0.2.1	2010-05-26/07:40
		-Correct spelling of methods in the config.
		-Now only handles stuff for /dev/ldap/ if it can actually open the device.
		-Now requires a /dev/ldap entry not be equal to "".

0.2.0	2010-05-08/04:00
		-Add EESDP compatibility.

0.1.0	2009-12-02/19:00
		-/dev/ldap support added and it is now the default.

0.0.2	2009-10-31/15:00
		-Remove the sysctl stuff for the time being until I write that actual module.

0.0.1	2009-10-26/0:30
		-Correct 'dhcp' and 'dns'.
		-Correct removal of the last part of the hostname.

0.0.0	2008-06-22
		-Initial release.