Revision history for Parse-Netstat-Search

0.2.2	 2019-05-23/01:10
		 - Net::CIDR now treats ::/0 and as the same.
		   t/search.t has been updated to reflect this.

0.2.1	 2019-04-15/21:20
		 - Add missing depend Net::DNS. (SREZIC, #129196)

0.2.0	 2019-04-15/02:30
		 - Minor typo correction(japh).
		 - Add PTR search support.
		 - Add regexp PTR search support.

0.1.1	 2019-02-26/04:00
		 - Apparently Net::CIDR does not like searching IPv4 and IPv6 at the
		   same time. Each requested CIDR is now checked on its own. While
		   it says the functions will handle both in the docs, apparently
		   this does not mean at the same time.

0.1.0	 2019-02-26/00:15
		 - Add in handling of % in IPv6 addresses.
		 - Add in handling of slightly malformed IPv6 address that netstat
		   on FreeBSD seems to sometimes produce, using ':.' for the port
		   delimiter instead of '.'. This is not to be confused with ::
		   appearing at the end, but like "fe80::4ecc:6aff:.123".

0.0.3	 2019-02-25/06:30
		 - Use eval to talk to Net::CIDR as it seems to not always like IPv6.
		   This allows it to continue instead of killing the entire op.

0.0.2	 2019-02-24/08:30
		 - Previous issue turned out to be specifically. Added
		   addtional handling for UDP as it is stateless. This
		   removes '?' from previously. State for for UDP is ''.

0.0.1	 2019-02-24/06:30
		 - Handle where FreeBSD does not state LISTEN.
		 - Add a missing error flag.
		 - If state is not defined use '?'.

0.0.0	 2019-02-20/06:00
		 -Initial release.