Changes for version 0.3.7

  • replace YAML with YAML::XS
  • add a new FirefoxBookmarks monitor
  • significantly performance increase in App::Wubot::Conditions
  • add 'username' to console notification
  • remove duplicated 'username' data from subject of IRC monitor
  • improvements to the State reactor
  • monitors share a single instance of the reactor object
  • WebMatches plugin sends a warning if no matches found
  • WebMatches can now use 's' regexp modifier instead of the default 'm'
  • XMLTV plugin properly reports count of processed entries
  • wubot-check does not attempt to vacuum message queue db
  • wubot-webui uses App::Wubot::Logger
  • OsxActiveApp determines active application with applescript rather than python script
  • a few log level adjustments
  • multiple documentation tweaks
  • handle bug with failure performing vacuum on non-existent database
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