Changes for version 0.1_5

  • XMPP plugin no longer forwards messages with noforward flag set
  • Command reactor - enable templating of commands with Text::Template
  • WebFetch reactor to fetch data from a URL
  • added a User reactor plugin to parse the username field
    • removed username field parsing from Icon field
    • use the User reactor before the Icon reactor
  • replace 'no_more_rules' with 'last_rule' field
  • HTMLStrip reactor plugin uses 'target_field' rather than 'newfield'
  • database will not override autoincrementing 'id' field with an id in a message
  • CaptureData reactor allows 'field' in config
  • SQLite reports path and stack trace on failure to connect to file
  • lots of updates to prototype notifications web ui, color tweaks
  • added 'link' field to a few more plugins for the notification web ui
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