Changes for version 0.2_003

  • Cache role - allow plugins to override default expiration age
  • removed old Mojolicious::Lite wubot-webui and webui subdir
    • replaced by Mojolicious wubot-webui
    • tweaked docs
  • support for GROUP BY and LIMIT in Wubot::SQLite
  • continuing work on documentation
    • adding some more POD docs
    • converted some methods to be private
    • Test::Pod::Coverage is now passing
  • continuing to improve the notifications web ui
  • WebFetcher - failure getting content now returns 'failure fetching' message rather than die
  • update EmacsOrgModule plugin, rework Wubot::Util::Tasks
  • some new monitor prototypes
    • safari bookmarks on OS X
    • locally installed modules with newer version available on CPAN
    • facebook wall scraper - minor improvements
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