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Ton Hospel
Video::TeletextDB - Perl extension to manage a telextext database
Video::TeletextDB::Access - Represents Video::TeletextDB database access
Video::TeletextDB::Page - Postprocessing Video::TeletextDB pages
Video::TeletextDB::Constants in lib/Video/TeletextDB/Constants.pm
Video::TeletextDB::DB_RO in lib/Video/TeletextDB/Access.pm
Video::TeletextDB::DB_RW in lib/Video/TeletextDB/Access.pm
Video::TeletextDB::Parameters in lib/Video/TeletextDB/Parameters.pm
Changes for version 0.02
    • Small doc updates
    • Put the DB_RO and DB_RW classes under Video::TeletextDB
    • Fix author email address
    • Use the V4L2 interfaces to get the frequency in TeleCollect
    • Run the tests in a temp dir
    • Let TeleCollect also report channel changes on the first frequency measurement in the loop.
    • Add $VERSION in TeleCollect
    • Solaris unlink dir gives EPERM, not EISDIR (and actually succeeds for root (which is not fixed yet))

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