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Eric D Johnson
and 4 contributors
  • Eric Johnson
  • Eric Johnson
  • Gregg Jensen
  • Luc St-Louis
vdd - The Vim Debugger Daemon
vdvim - Launch a minimal vim/gvim with VimDebug development files.
vimdebug-install - Install VimDebug's Vim plugin and doc files.
Vim::Debug - Perl wrapper around a command line debugger
Vim::Debug::Daemon - Handle communication between a debugger and clients
Vim::Debug::Manual - Integrate the Perl debugger with Vim
Vim::Debug::Perl - Perl debugger interface.
Vim::Debug::Protocol - Everything needed for the VimDebug network protocol
Changes for version 0.904
  • Added a Gvim menu
  • Added ability to "step out" or return from a subroutine
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved handling of key bindings

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