This is the GD::Graph3d extensions module. It provides 3D graphs
    for the GD::Graph module by Martien Verbruggen, which in turn
    generates graph using Lincoln Stein's

    You use these modules just as you would any of the GD::Graph
    modules, except that they generate 3d-looking graphs.

	0.56 Added support for legends in pie3d
	0.55 Allowed box_clr without box axis
	0.54 Fixed a bug in MANIFEST
	0.53 Added ability to render box_clr without box_axis
	     Added a small segment to 'one point' line graphs
	0.52 Reorganized distribution to pacify CPAN
	0.51 Fixed bugs in shading on bars and lines
	0.50 Changed line rendering code so that lines have consistent width
	     Added shading to the bar and line charts and to the axes
	0.42 Attempt to make CPAN index it better
	0.41 Fixed axes rendering to maintain right side
	     Fixed frame rendering so 'box' and 'no box' make more sense
	     Set default color for text on pie chart slices to black
	0.40 Updated for compatibility with GD::Graph 1.30.
	0.34 Fixed bar bottom rendering bug in bars3d module.
	0.33 Fixed axes rendering bug in bars3d module.
	0.32 Fixed rendering bug in bars3d module.
	0.31 Fixed bug in version data.
	0.30 Initial CPAN Release.

    You will need to have the GD::Graph version 1.30 or later
    installed (and all its prerequisites). You should also have 
    Perl version 5.005 or 5.6.

    To install, just do the normal:

            perl Makefile.PL
            make install

    The documentation is in Try 'perldoc GD::Graph3d' 
    after installation.

    Jeremy Wadsack for Wadsack-Allen Digital Group.

    Most of the modules are based on the GD::Graph modules by
    Martien Verbruggen.

    The latest release is available from CPAN:

    Copyright (c) 1999,2000 Wadsack-Allen. All rights reserved.

    Much of the original code is from GD::Graph:

    GIFgraph: Copyright (c) 1995-1999 Martien Verbruggen.

    Chart::PNGgraph: Copyright (c) 1999 Steve Bonds.

    GD::Graph: Copyright (c) 1999 Martien Verbruggen.

    This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.