Revision history for Perl compiler RPerl.

7.000000 2020-07-04 Codename Nova

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Independence Day!
    - Arrays & Hashes By Value, Grammar Update

6.000000 2020-12-25 Codename Vapor

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Merry Christmas??? (They Never Said Which One!)
    - Not An Actual Release
    - Skipped To Align With New Perl v7 Version Numbering

5.002000 2019-11-28 Codename Skylab 2

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Thanksgiving!
    - Operator, Keys
    - Operator, Exists
    - 2D Data Structure, number_arrayref_arrayref
    - 2D Data Structure, string_arrayref_arrayref

5.000000 2019-07-04 Codename Skylab

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Independence Day!
    - Docker Container, Initial Dockerfile and Docker Hub Support
    - Logical Or/Xor Operator, Correctly Emulate Perl Behavior
    - Logical And Operator, Correctly Emulate Perl Behavior
    - Compiler, Inline -I Include Paths, Move Current Dir To Last
    - Compiler, Dependency File Names, Allow But Do Not Require Leading 'lib/'
    - Bug Fix, SSE sse_div(), Support Divide-By-Zero & Create INFINITY() Constant
    - Bug Fix, '-Wall -Wextra' Warnings, Remove Leading 'const' From Constant Shims
    - User-Defined Class std::unique_ptr Constant Reference Semantics In VariableDeclaration

4.002000 2018-11-15

    - Path Handling, Remove Current Dir & @INC Dirs, Avoids Hard-Coding System-Specific Dirs In #include Statements
    - Perlbrew Compatibility, Add 'env' To All Shebangs
    - Object Constructor Move Semantics in VariableModification
    - User-Defined Class std::unique_ptr Constant Reference Semantics In VariableDeclaration
    - Bug Fix, Front-End Command, Check If Env Vars Are Set, Fixes 'Use of uninitialized value in concatenation'
    - Bug Fix, Accessors & Mutators For Hash Entries
    - Bug Fix, Wrap Bare Word Hash Keys In Double Quotes
    - Bug Fix, '-Wall -Wextra' Warnings

4.001000 2018-08-08

    - Pre-Compiled Packages, Makefile.PL, Duplicate CONFIGURE_REQUIRES Items In PREREQ_PM For Proper Dependency Reporting

4.000000 2018-07-04 Codename Enterprise

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Independence Day!
    - Pre-Compiled Packages... Finally, Easy Installation!
    - Subcompile, Enable Dynamic Linking To Using $Config::Config{ccdlflags}
    - Compile, Allow Building In Current Directory "." As Well As "lib/" Directory
    - Compile, Enable RPerl Processing Of Otherwise-Skipped Source Code Input Files When Explicitly Named As
    - OO Accessors, Fix Bug In Auto-Generated Accessors "get_PROPERTY_size()", 
    - Grammar, Allow Identifiers Beginning With Underscore, Where Not Conflicting With C++ Reserved Identifiers
    - Grammar, Allow 'package' Statement To Be Split Across 2 Lines, In Order To Disable CPAN Indexing
    - Grammar, Extended Shebang Support, "/usr/bin/env perl" & Other Special Formats
    - Data Types, Implement %"NUMBER" Format, Automatically Selects Either %Lf Or %f Depending On "number" C++ Data Type
    - Data Types, Implement *_arrayref_hashref
    - Pod, Allow Pod As Valid Statement, Ignore For Now; This Enables Block Comments

3.601000 2018-03-07

    - Bug Fix, Disable Operator05BitwiseNegation/, CPAN Testers Failures
    - Bug Fix, Perl v5.30 Compatibility, 'Unescaped left brace in regex',

3.600000 2018-01-01 Codename Sirius

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy New Year!
    - MongoDB, Initial Support

3.402000 2017-11-29

    - Bug Fix, NetBSD, Disable -march=native Flag
    - Bug Fix, Perl v5.12, Allow Win32::Locale::Lexicon Warning
    - Bug Fix, Inline::RPerl, Change Foo::Tester To Avoid PAUSE Indexing Conflict

3.401000 2017-11-27

    - Bug Fix, Remove & Disable Pre-Compiled Binary Files

3.400000 2017-11-23 Codename Orion

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Thanksgiving!
    - OO Constructors, Enable Initialization Of Object Properties Via Named Parameters
    - Monolithic Modules AKA Multi-Package & Multi-Class Modules,
        Grammar, Allow 'use parent -norequire' & Explicit import();
        Enable Proper Exporting & Class Inheritance in PERLOPS_PERLTYPES
    - Subroutine Arguments Type Checking, Fix Double-Checking

3.200000 2017-10-31 Codename Pleiades

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Halloween!
    - Normal Subroutine Header Support, No More Weird Anonymous Subroutines!
        Catch '$RETURN_VALUE' Typo, Instead Of '$RETURN_TYPE'
    - Medium Magic Regular Expressions, Substitute Return Value Support,
        Requires Alien::JPCRE2 v0.009 & Alien::PCRE2 v0.014
    - Quick-Start Guide, First Draft
    - RPerl::Exporter, Class & Package Support For PERLOPS_PERLTYPES,
        Can Export Subroutines, Scalars, Arrays, Hashes, Typeglobs
    - Disable C Types 'long long' & 'double long' For GMP Compatibility
    - Protect Perl API, Disallow Reuse Of C Function & Variable Names

3.000000 2017-07-04 Codename Mercury

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Independence Day!
    - Medium Magic Regular Expressions, Initial Match & Substitute Support,
        Requires Alien::JPCRE2 v0.002 & Alien::PCRE2 v0.006

2.800000 2017-06-16 Codename Copernicus

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Captain Picard Day!
    - Perl v5.25 & v5.26 & v5.27 Now Supported, Requires Parse::Eyapp v1.21

2.601000 2017-06-10

    - Bug Fix, Inline::RPerl Infinite Include Loop

2.600000 2017-04-16 Codename Pisces

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Easter!
    - OO Class Property Inheritance, Disallow Name Masking
    - OO Class Property Inheritance, Compatible With C++ Behavior, Upgrade Tests, CPPOPS_*TYPES
    - Add Source Code Mode Command-Line Argument & Placeholder In $modes Hash
    - Add Magic Mode Command-Line Argument & Placeholder In $modes Hash
    - Create Initial GrammarMedium.eyp & Associated Utilities
    - Inline::RPerl, Reserve Namespace
    - Learning RPerl, Update 'DEV NOTE, CORRELATION #rp029' Sections As Already Done In script/rperl
    - Learning RPerl, Exercises, Add Missing Newlines At End Of Files
    - Pluto, Update URL To Official GitHub Repo
    - Alien::astyle, Fix https Error In Appveyor, Require New Version In RPerl 

2.450000 2017-02-14 Codename Perseus

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Saint Valentine's Day!
    - OO Class Property Inheritance, Compatible With C++ Behavior
    - Parser, Fix False Errors Triggered By RPerl Debug Statements
    - CPPOPS_CPPTYPES Mode, Bug Fix, Program Header Line Miscalculation
    - CPPOPS_CPPTYPES Mode, Bug Fix, Execute Via Compiled Copy (Not Interpreted Copy)
    - CPPOPS_CPPTYPES Mode, Enable Subroutines Inside Programs
    - CPPOPS_CPPTYPES Mode, Enable Double-Quote Characters Within Single-Quoted & q-Quoted Strings
    - Tests, Allow Single-Line Subroutines
    - Compiler, Create RPerl::eval_use()
    - Compiler, Optimize By Adding Missing Skip Entries In,
        Split create_symtab_entries_and_accessors_mutators() Out Of INIT{}, 
    - Compiler, Fix Uncompile Bug, Find Dependencies Via Static Analysis Only & Disable Dynamic Analysis

2.410000 2017-01-13

    - Bug Fix, Avoid False Failures Caused By Perl::Critic::Policy::Bangs::ProhibitBitwiseOperators
    - Type System, Native Types, Support nvtype='long double'
    - C++11 Compiler, GCC v4.7 Or Clang v3.3 Minimum Required, Makefile.PL 
    - Perl v5.10 Minimum Required, Makefile.PL

2.403000 2017-01-10

    - Alien::astyle, More OS Support & Bug Fixes

2.402000 2017-01-07

    - Alien::astyle, Add Initial Support For Linux & BSD
    - Parser Perl::Critic, Disable RequirePod; Set Theme To core To Disable Additional Policies Such As Perlsecret, etc.

2.401000 2017-01-03

    - Microsoft Windows OS Compatibility,
        Require Inline::Filters v0.18 To Support Spaces In Directory Paths

2.400000 2017-01-01 Codename Aurora

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy New Year!
    - Publicly Available Via GitHub Login
    - Learning RPerl, Chapter 3 Complete
    - Replace Subroutine Arguments @_ With @ARG In All RPerl Application Code
    - Refactor Type System To Enable Integration With Catalyst & Other Non-RPerl Application Code
    - Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
    - Microsoft Windows OS Compatibility, Relaxed Tests Passing

2.200000 2016-10-31 Codename Luna

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Halloween!
    - Now Running On The Cloud
    - New Installer Script
    - Greatly Simplified Installation Instructions
    - Correct Numeric Formatting: to_string(), integer_arrayref_to_string(), etc.
    - Named Operator die
    - Native Types, Enable Semi-Dynamic Auto-Configuration Of integer Format Code
        Used By printf & Friends In CPPOPS Modes, Replaced %ld By %"INTEGER"
    - Learning RPerl, Numerous Updates
    - Microsoft Windows OS Compatibility, Numerous Fixes
    - Microsoft Windows OS Compatibility, Add GitHub Webhook

2.000000 2016-07-04 Codename Pioneer

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Independence Day!
    - Automatically Parallelize Loops, Part 1
    - C++ Code Generator Tests
    - Two-Dimensional Data Structures, Part 2; number_arrayref_arrayref & string_arrayref_arrayref
    - Native Types, Allow Configuration Of integer & number To Match Perl & OS
    - Integer Arithmetic & Bitwise Operator Support via 'use integer;'
    - Microsoft Windows OS Compatibility, Numerous Fixes

1.750100 2016-06-14

    - MathPerl, Support For Linear Algebra, Part 1

1.750000 2016-06-10 Codename Jepp

    - Bugs, Numerous Fixes
    - Learning RPerl, Numerous Updates

1.700000 2016-04-01 Codename Tycho

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy April Fool's Day
    - Generate Stand-Alone C++ Executable Files From *.pl Perl Source Code Input Files
    - `rperl -uu` & `rperl -uuu` Uncompile Command-Line Options
    - `rperl -vv` Version Command-Line Option
    - `rperl -assemble` Subcompile Command-Line Option
    - `rperl -archive` Subcompile Command-Line Option
    - `rperl -shared` Subcompile Command-Line Option
    - `rperl -static` Subcompile Command-Line Option
    - `rperl -CXX` Subcompile Command-Line Option

1.600000 2016-02-14 Codename Red Dwarf

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy St. Valentine's Day!
    - `rperl -u` Uncompile Command-Line Option, Delete All Compiled Files
    - Access To Compiled C++ Constants from Perl
    - Logical Operators and, or, xor
    - Two-Dimensional Data Structure integer_arrayref_arrayref, Part 1

1.510000 2016-01-17

    - Learning RPerl, TPF Grant Completion

1.500000 2016-01-01 Codename Gemini

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy New Year!
    - Learning RPerl, 0th Edition Pre-Release
1.400000 2015-12-25 Codename Venus

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Merry Christmas!
    - GMP Multi-Precision Integer Support
        Subroutine Argument & Return Value, Automatic Packing & Unpacking
    - Allow Hash Keys With Operator Names ('x', 'sin', etc.)
    - Allow unsigned_integer Data Type As Loop Index
    - Enable SSE & GMP Support Only When Needed
    - Disable SSE On Arm Architectures
    - Support Bubble Sort, n-Body, Pi Digits
    - Support Perl v5.22

1.300000 2015-11-26 Codename Pluto

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Thanksgiving!
    - Draft Copyright Assignment & Disclaimer Docs (CONTRIBUTING, ASSIGNMENT, EMPLOYERS)
    - Disallow Non-Newline-Or-Tab (AKA Extraneous) Backslashes In Double-Quoted String Literals
    - Learning Perl Outline & Chapters 1 - 6 Exercise Solutions
    - Macintosh, Disable Failed Test 'Inline::CPP, call Airplane methods...'    
        Temporarily Fixes Bug
    - Begin Addding GMP Multi-Precision Integer Support

1.200002 2015-11-07

    - Re-enable 4 Tests, Fixed Error "Can't parse code: Unknown error parsing Perl document" In Perl v5.16 & Earlier, Enable Proper ECOGEASRP020 Support
    - Learning RPerl, Chapter 3, Exercise 3, Fixed RequireCheckedSyscalls Failure
        Filed Bug
    - Fix Bugs In Support For All Named & Named Unary Operators AKA Builtins, PERLOPS_PERLTYPES Mode 
    - Disable Inline::CPP Airplane Test, Macintosh Bug
        Temporarily Fixes Bug
1.200001 2015-11-01

    - Disable 4 Tests To Avoid Perl::Critic Error "Can't parse code: Unknown error parsing Perl document" In Perl v5.16 & Earlier

1.200000 2015-10-31 Codename Andromeda

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Halloween!
    - Split N-Body Code From RPerl Into PhysicsPerl & Geometric Algebra Code Into MathPerl
    - Ensure Perfect Match For Compiled Algorithm.*, Sort.*, Bubble.*, Inefficient.* Files With Hand-Compiled *.CPPOPS_CPPTYPES versions
    - Support For Special Characters in qw()
    - Learning RPerl, All Exercises Parse
    - Separate Operator::Expression::Operator::Named From NamedUnary
    - Support For All Named & Named Unary Operators AKA Builtins, PERLOPS_PERLTYPES Mode 
    - Test Non-Whitespace qw(foo*baz bar-hypenated bla+rgh)
    - Test Compile-Time Constructor Type Mismatch In VariableDeclaration (ERROR ECOGEASRP020)
    - Test Zero-Argument Named & Named Unary Operators (AKA Builtins) In VariableDeclaration, C-Style For Loop, & In General

1.100002 2015-09-11

    - Enable Subcompile Phase During Compile Time

1.100001 2015-09-10

    - Support Monolithic Modules, Multiple Classes Per Module

1.100000 2015-09-05 Codename Jupiter

    - Support N-Body Application In PhysicsPerl Suite, 
        Solar System Simulator Used For Alioth Benchmark Game (AKA Shootout)
    - Implement SSE Parallel 128-Bit Floating-Point Arithmetic, Performance Optimization
    - Implement Arrays & Hashes Of Objects
    - Implement Access To Raw Pointers Of Objects, Performance Optimization
    - Implement Loop Iterator Pre-Declaration & Completion Condition Compensation, Performance Optimization
    - Implement Sub-Accessors & Sub-Mutators,
        Used For Individual Elements Of Object Property Arrays & Entries Of Object Property Hashes

1.001001 2112-12-21 SOS

    - Plan Support For Acme::Rush Module

1.000007 2015-07-09

    - Use Test::Number::Delta For Compatibility With Perls Compiled Using -Duselongdouble,
        Fixes Duplicate Bugs &
    - Disable Return Operator Parse Failures,
        Temporarily Fixes Bug

1.000006 2015-07-09

    - Disable PAUSE Indexing For Data Type & Test Packages,
        Fixes Bug

1.000005 2015-07-08

    - Disable Perl::Critic PodSpelling To Avoid Aspell Error "No word lists can be found for the language",
        Fixes Bug

1.000004 2015-07-08

    - Add $ENV{PATH} To `rperl` Command Search Path,
        Fixes Bug
    - Update Error Checking In Compiler Dependency Finder,
        Fixes Bug
    - Fix POD-to-POD 'See Also' Link

1.000003 2015-07-07

    - Perl v5.22 Compatibility, 'Unescaped left brace in regex',
        Fixes Bug
    - Update POD Documentation
    - Update Makefile.PL With CPAN Metadata
    - Temporarily Resolve PAUSE Indexing Conflicts
    - Add LICENSE, Artistic, and Copying Files

1.000002 2015-07-06

    - Add Changes File,
        Fixes Bug
    - Add & Update POD Documentation

1.000001 2015-07-04

    - Fix Version Numbers

1        2015-07-04 Codename Apollo

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Independence Day!
    - First Full Release

1.000_003 2015-07-02 Beta 3

    - Test & Prepare For v1.0

1.000_002 2014-12-25 Beta 2

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Merry Christmas!
    - EYAPP Grammar Demo
1.000_001 2014-01-01 Beta 1

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy New Year!
    - PPI Hello World Demo

0.000001 2013-01-01 Unreleased

    - HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy New Year!
    - Created RPerl