2015-11-19  author  <author@debian>

	* README: Release 1.4.14

	* PCSC.xs: Update copyright date

	* PCSC.xs: _StringifyError(): cast Error in a (DWORD)

	On Mac OS X El Capitan (at least) the value is extended to 64 bits and
	is then wrong.

	We get 0xFFFFFFFF80100068 instead of 0x80100068 and all the error codes
	are all converted to the default error: "Unknown (reader specific ?) error..."

2014-12-05  author  <author@debian>

	* LICENCE: Update GNU GPL v2 license text

	The FSF postal adress has changed.

	Thanks to Martin Hauke for the bug report.

	* README: Release 1.4.13

2013-04-01  author  <author@debian>

	* create_distrib.sh:
	rcs2log has been moved in /usr/share/cvs/contrib/rcs2log

	* PCSC.pm: Support Perl 5.16

	Remove the warning:
	defined(@array) is deprecated at /usr/lib/perl/5.16.3/Chipcard/PCSC.pm line 69.
		(Maybe you should just omit the defined()?)

	Thanks to Viliam Pucik for the bug report

2011-03-06  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.12

	* PCSC.xs: Also check for SVt_PVIV and not just SVt_IV.

	Fixes Debian bug #613722 "libpcsc-perl: GetStatusChange error after print"

	* PCSC.xs, PCSC.pm, test.pl: Use lines of less than 80 columns

2010-10-27  author  <author@debian>

	* create_distrib.sh: compress using bzip2 instead of gzip

	* README: release 1.4.11

	* PCSCperl.h: SCardCancelTransaction() is no more present in pcsc-lite

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h:
	SCardSetTimout is no more present in pcsc-lite > 1.6.4
	It was a pcsc-lite specific and deprecated function

2010-08-18  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSCperl.h:
	use SCARD_READERSTATE * instead of LPSCARD_READERSTATE since is not
	define in pcsc-lite < 1.6.3

	* README: release 1.4.10

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, README: Update copyright date

	* create_distrib.sh: Allow more than one digit in the version numbers

	* PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h:
	more defined in pcsc-lite >= 1.6.2

2010-06-30  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.9

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs: sort constants in alphabetical order

	* PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs:
	SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE is not specific to pcsc-lite but is also
	available on Windows

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs:
	SCARD_W_INSERTED_CARD is no more defined in pcsc-lite 1.6.0 and then
	pcsc-perl failed to build. It was an error code specific to pcsc-lite.

2010-01-03  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: fix spelling error

2009-09-23  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.8

	* Card/Card.pod: Correct 3 bugs signaled by podchecker

2009-09-06  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs:
	PCSC.xs:853: warning: format ‘%d’ expects type ‘int’, but argument 2 has type ‘long unsigned int’

2008-09-28  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pod: example code for GetStatusChange()

2008-03-26  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm: type: prefered -> preferred

	* Card/Card.pm: update copyright date

	* Card/Card.pm: typo: prefered -> preferred

	* Card/Card.pod: typos

	* README: release 1.4.7

2008-03-12  author  <author@debian>

	* MANIFEST: remove removed files (merged)

	* Makefile_OSX.PL, Makefile_win.PL: merged in Makefile.PL

	merge all README.* in README

	* Makefile.PL: merge Makefile_win.PL and Makefile_OSX.PL

	* PCSC.pod: typos

	* PCSC.pod: typo

	* PCSC.pm: version 0.05

	* PCSC.pod, PCSCperl.h: update copyright date

	* PCSCperl.h:
	reorder the .h inclusion to have a default for Unix system

2007-03-07  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.6

	* PCSCperl.h: add support of GNU/FreeBSD

	Thanks to Cyril Brulebois for the patch (Debian bug #413618)

2007-03-02  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.5

	* MANIFEST: add Card/t/test.t

	* PCSC.xs:
	remove a const on the return type to avoid: PCSC.xs:244: warning: type
	qualifiers ignored on function return type

	* PCSCperl.h: For Linux
	to avoid using deprecated types

2007-02-05  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs: remove some pcsc-lite specific constants

2006-12-09  author  <author@debian>

	* t/test.t:
	remove Chipcard::PCSC::Card tests since they are now done by Card/t/test.t

	* Card/t/test.t: new file. Copy from ../t/test.t

	* t/test.t, test.pl: use Test::More instead of ExtUtils::testlib

2006-10-10  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pm: remove a debug print command

2006-10-08  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pm: version 0.04

	* PCSC.pm:
	ascii_to_array(): check that an hex number is exactly two characters

2006-08-12  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.4

	* Card/Card.pm, examples/gsm_directory.pl, examples/test_iso_error.pl, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, PCSC.pm, README.Unix, README.Windows, create_distrib.sh, test.pl:
	new $Id$ format

2006-05-30  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h: add support of extended APDU

2006-05-16  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.3

2006-05-04  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs: use unsigned char for pbAtr[] to have "3B FA ..." instead of
	"3B FFFFFFFA ..."

	* t/test.t: update $Id$

	* Makefile_OSX.PL: update for Mac OS X Tiger

	* PCSC.xs:
	change some types and use some cast to make the code compile under Mac

	* PCSCperl.h: add some #include <> for Mac OS X

2004-08-06  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.2

	* PCSC.xs:
	allow to use SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0 | SCARD_PROTOCOL_T1 as the protocol

	* Card/Card.pm: typo: informatin -> information

2004-07-04  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.1

	use http://pcsclite.alioth.debian.org/ as the pcsc-lite homepage

	* Makefile.PL, PCSCperl.h:
	back to use pcsclite.h instead of PCSC/pcsclite.h for __linux__ but now
	use `pkg-config --cflags libpcsclite` at compilation

2004-06-29  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm:
	ISO7816Error(): return an error if given $sw if not 5 chars long "xx xx"

	* Card/Card.pm:
	return (undef) if the protocol is not defined in Transmit. This happens
	if you change a T=0 card with a T=1 (or vice versa) and try to exchange
	an APDU without disconnecting first.

2004-06-25  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: add en empty line

	* PCSCperl.h: - use PCSC/pcsclite.h
	- replace LPCSTR by LPCTSTR

2004-05-30  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.0

	* PCSC.pm: ABI changed so change VERSION number

	* PCSCperl.h: - add support of new SCardControl() API through Control()
	- now loads libpcsclite.so.1 instead of libpcsclite.so.0

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, PCSC.xs, test.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	add support of new SCardControl() API

2004-04-02  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.3.1

	* PCSC.pod: document GetStatusChange()

	* test.pl: add demo code for GetStatusChange()

	* PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h:
	use dynamic table and avoid using the deprecated PCSCLITE_MAX_CHANNELS

2004-01-18  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod:
	Use regular expression "90 [10]0" instead of "90 [1,0]0"

	* Card/Card.pm:
	allow commands to be in the form "00A40100020100" instead of "00 A4 01 00 02 01 00"

2003-12-13  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.3.0

	* Card/Card.pod: add documentation for Control()

	* test.pl:
	simplify the sample code for Control() since array_to_ascii() now
	returns an empty string for an empty list

	* PCSC.pm: array_to_ascii() return an empty string for an empty list

	* test.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	Comment out the tests for Control since the result is any thing
	depending on the reader and driver.

2003-12-11  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs:
	Windows PCSC has a different behavior and ATR and ReaderName buffers
	must not be set to NULL. Thanks to Andrew Kay for the patch.

	* MANIFEST: add Makefile_win.PL

	* Card/Card.pm, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, test.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	Add support for SCardControl with $out = $hContext->Control (\@in);

2003-12-10  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: some repaging.

	* Card/Card.pod: correct a typo

2003-12-09  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod:
	by default use T=0 | T=1 protocols instead of just T=0

	* PCSC.xs:
	Initalise ioRecvPci structure in Transmit(). Patch from Troy Curtiss.

	* PCSCperl.h: add #define PCSCLITE_MAX_CHANNELS for Windows plateforms

	* Makefile_win.PL: new file to support Windows platforms

2003-05-27  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.2.2

	Makefile_OSX.pl is renamed Makefile_OSX.PL since it was not a correct
	solution to avoid automatic use by Perl. We use PL_FILES instead.

	* Makefile_OSX.PL:
	use the new naming scheme and add PL_FILES line to avoid problems with
	the other Makefile.PL

	* Makefile.PL: add PL_FILES line to avoid problem with Makefile_OSX.PL

2003-05-25  author  <author@debian>

	* README.OSX: addapted comment to the updated Makefile_OSX.PL

	* Makefile_OSX.PL: remove #!/usr/bin/perl -w

	* Card/Card.pm, PCSC.pm:
	removed #!/usr/bin/perl as suggested by Ville Skyttä

	* PCSC.pm:
	add constant definition (thanks to Ville Skyttä for report and patch)

2003-05-24  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.2.1

	* MANIFEST: Card/test.pl removed

	* MANIFEST: test_iso_error.pl moved into examples

	* MANIFEST: files have moved

	* Card/Makefile.PL: new file to install Card/Card.*

	* Makefile.PL: moved files from Chipcard/ to .

	* test.pl:
	wait for ".. .." in TransmitWithCheck test since the SW will depend on
	the inserted card

	* Card/Card.pm: add a version number

	* Card/Card.pm: Chipcard::PCSC::Utils.pm no longer exists

2003-05-10  author  <author@debian>

	* MANIFEST, Card/Card.pm, Card/Utils.pm: Utils.pm merged into Card.pm

2003-05-09  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: example are now in typewriter text

	* Card/Card.pod: typos

	* MANIFEST: PCSC.pod moved from . to Chipcard/

	* README: release 1.2.0

	* MANIFEST: add Chipcard/PCSC/Utils.pm and test_iso_error.pl

	* create_distrib.sh: use 'mkdir -p' instead of just 'mkdir'

	* create_distrib.sh: make distclean only if Makefile exists

	* create_distrib.sh: make distclean before anything else

	* test.pl: add test support of TransmitWithCheck and

	* examples/test_iso_error.pl:
	small script to test output of Chipcard::PCSC::Card::ISO7816Error()

	* Card/Card.pod:
	add documentation for TransmitWithCheck() and ISO7816Error()

	* Card/Utils.pm:
	two new functions: TransmitWithCheck() and ISO7816Error()

	* test/multiple_readers.pl:
	cleanly exit if a second reader is not found

	* t/test.t: remove Log list

	* Card/Card.pm: some reformating

2003-05-06  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl, t/test.t, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, test.pl:
	naming scheme migration from PCSC to Chipcard::PCSC

2002-11-07  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.1.3

2002-08-29  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs: add a pTHX_ cast to make it work with Perl 5.8

	* PCSC.pm: add prototypes and contants definitions

2002-08-28  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.1.2

	* PCSCperl.h: link against libpcsclite.so.0 instead of libpcsclite.so

2002-05-16  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs:
	 Modified error handling to use warn() instead of the more destructive
	croak()... croak() only remains for blocking problems such as a missing

	 Implemented GetStatusChange and Cancel

	* PCSC.pm: Added support for GetStatusChange and Cancel

2002-03-07  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.1.1

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs: use bold for commands
	changed -> into -E<gt> (reverse patch :-)

2002-03-06  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSCperl.h: comment unused variable declarations

	* Makefile.PL: add "-O2 -Wall" arguments

	* MANIFEST: add README file

	* README: release 1.1.0

	* README.Unix: removed release reference. See README instead

	* Card/Card.pod, PCSC.pod: complete reindentation

	* PCSC.xs: correct line wrap in licence text

2002-03-05  author  <author@debian>

	* README.Unix: Release 1.0.9

	* PCSC.pm, README.Unix: correctly test if a digit is hexa or not

	* Card/Card.pm: the minium APDU length is 4 bytes and not 5

2001-10-18  author  <author@debian>



	* README.Unix: Release 1.0.8

	* create_distrib.sh: format is foo-bar-x.y.z not foo-bar.x.y.z

	* create_distrib.sh: removed debian/ from the official archive

	* MANIFEST, README.Windows, remarks.txt:
	remarks.txt renamed README.Windows

	* MANIFEST, create_distrib.sh:
	added some comments, remove exit used for debug

	* MANIFEST, create_distrib.sh:
	compare the files in the directory with MANIFEST to check all the files
	will be included in the archive

2001-10-17  author  <author@debian>

	* create_distrib.sh:
	Added checks: directory name format, directory existance

2001-10-16  author  <author@debian>

	removed scriptor and gscriptor scripts (moved to pcsc-tools)

	* examples/readfile.script: removed

	* MANIFEST: removed create_distrib.sh from exported files

	* create_distrib.sh:
	added automatic creation of Changelog using rcs2log

	* README.Unix: quick install notes

	* MANIFEST, create_distrib.sh: *** empty log message ***

	* create_distrib.sh:
	create a nice package without Debian specific stuff and CVS directories

2001-10-10  author  <author@debian>

	* t/test.t: Initial check in

	* PCSC.pm:
	Added fake variable declarations/initialization to work with make test

2001-09-07  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: cosmetic chage in the header comment

2001-09-06  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: added CVS Id and Log fields

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: typos in comments

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: Added a license

2001-09-05  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm.script, examples/gsm_directory.pl:
	Added some GSM11.11 demo scripts to gscriptor/scriptor as well as a
	small example of how to use PCSC-perl to read the directory from your
	GSM card...

	* Card/Card.pm:
	Do not warn anymore when P3(len) is not related to the number of bytes
	to be transmitted after the APDU

	* test/single_reader.pl:
	Added -w flag to #!/usr/bin/perl and corrected some warnings

	* test/multiple_readers.pl:
	Added title and author name in the GPL licence

	* test/single_reader.pl: Added CVS Id and Log fields
	Added GPL licence

	* test/multiple_readers.pl:
	Added -w flag to /usr/bin/perl and corrected some warnings

	* test/multiple_readers.pl: Added CVS Id and Log fields
	Added GPL licence

	* test.pl: Added CVS Log and Id fields
	Added GPL licence

2001-09-04  author  <author@debian>

	* test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	Now using the real double typed magical scalar $PCSC::errno to report
	errors instead of the old $! which was buggy.

	* test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	updated the files so that they now use the 'new' package architecture
	i.e.: PCSC + PCSC::Card insteead of PCSC + PCSCCard...

	* PCSC.pm:
	tried to make the @EXPORT @ISA $VERSION variable use more standard (At
	least I hope so)

	* PCSC.pm:
	Fixed a bug in PCSC::ascii_to_array(). The returned array was global
	therefore, each call to the function was returning all the arrays since
	the object initialization.
	I now use 'use strict' to avoid such problems in the future but I do not
	know if I do it the proper way... I had to modify EXPORT and such to make
	it run

	* test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	More cosmetic changes

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, test.pl:
	Applied a patch from somebody who apparently wants to stay anonymous.
	This patch includes mostly cosmetic changes and extra documentation about
	array_to_ascii() and ascii_to_array(). Thanks to this contributor for his
	help and time

2001-07-02  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pod, test.pl:
	Made minor modifications (corrected some misspelled words in the doc and
	removed unnecessary commented code)

	* examples/readfile.script: Initial checkin

2001-06-12  author  <author@debian>

	* README.OSX: Small README about the OS X install.

	* Makefile_OSX.PL:
	Changed name tp .pl instead of .PL otherwise MakeMaker tries to run Makefile_OSX.PL

	* PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs:
	Modification for Mac OS X support (LOAD_LIB replaced by LOAD_LIB())

	* PCSCperl.h: Added support for MacOS X

2001-05-31  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm, PCSC.pm: added hash-bang

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, Makefile.PL, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, remarks.txt, test.pl, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, typemap:
	Initial import

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, Makefile.PL, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, remarks.txt, test.pl, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, typemap:
	New file.